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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Fifteen Seconds of Fame!

Oh what fun we had tonight! First day of the OOAK show and found out one of my peices submitted for the opening night fasion show has been chosen and they want to introduce the attached artist! The show is being hosted by Jeanie Becker and she did a great job of talking up Canadian made fashion.

The models did their thing and then it was our turn, staying in the order in which we had been duly put, we went up on stage from backstage, out under the bright lights and our column snaked around the stage grinning and waving then backstage again. I turned to the colleague behind me (another knitter) and asked 'Was that our 15 seconds of fame?' (chortle).

Those of us who didn't have to high tail it back to an unattended booth were shepherded into a roped off area behind the stage for photo taking and where charming attendants proffered trays of sushi and mango martinis....

....then I giggled my way back to my booth.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Two Days.....

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Well, Sunday morning and so much to do before the One Of A Kind show. We leave on Tuesday morning to spend the day setting up the booth ready for opening up on Wednesday morning. I have one more gament to make along with it's buttons and need to check over my equipent boxes to see that I have all my booth drapes, poles, hangers, manequin bits, little vacuum cleaner, and a ton of other stuff.

Over the years I've pared it down but when you are in one 10'x10' place for 10 - 12 hours for five days you need some creature comforts. I've been accused of taking too many pairs of shoes... but it's never enough when you're on your feet all those ours. I do have a chair but my bottom hardly sees it. You find yourself running on adreneline when meeting and interacting with old and new clients and people who are seeing you work for the first time, it's exciting, especially after weeks of lone working in the studio, then it's the end of the evening and you find you can hardly move and it's a huge effort just to make it to the car and get into your B&B bed, only to do it all again the next day with a middle aged body that isn't quite as refreshed yet!

My ladies keep me going though and I love them all and that is another reason why I keep doing what I do (aside from being addicted to the fibre arts and..... yes, needing to eat!) So if any of you are reading this I'm looking forward to seeing you all and pardon if I seem a little 'tired'. where are those manequins?....

Friday, March 24, 2006

Getting Warmer

Soon we will no longer need these..... hand knitted socks, however I will still keep knitting them as I knit socks the way other folk (well some) smoke....except I don't stand around in doorways knitting socks.

There is a zen to knitting and it can be very calming, it's a shame we can't knit on airplanes anymore as there's a place we need to be calmed. In the mad push to get everything ready for the show I sometimes take a break after dinner, pick up a sock-in-progress and take in some 'Deal or No Deal' and watch over excited adults ask their children for advice then turn down thousands of dollars just to open the next case and go home with five bucks!!! Need the calm of my socks then.

These particular socks were knit for my niece's 18th birthday and have her initials on them so I did them on the machine.

A few years ago I used to have a basket of socks for sale in my booth and sold all I could knit, one yong woman bought some for her father as he loved hand knit socks. A couple of years later she came up to me at a fair to tell me her dear Dad had passed away and they had buried him in my socks as they had become his favourite!!! I was incredibly touched and have treasured that story.

Keep wiggling those toes.

Four Days and Counting...

My first post... hmmm. It's four days and counting to the drive to Toronto to set up my booth for the One of a Kind Show Spring 2006 and it's the frantic time. I had soooo many plans for over the Winter, give a one day seminar on the software I use to create the patterns for my knitting, complete all my Winter orders from my clients, hey, maybe even learn to use the Passap I got and had reconditioned about two or maybe three years ago! This was not to be.

Many people complain about how long Winter is and they don't know how they'll get through it, I have so much lined up plus trying to have a life that I never get a chance to get bored, I often relish a heavy snowfall as a way of getting in a workout and getting outside and having some fun with our cat (he's the one without the grin) yet still getting a chore done. Then I feel better about spending the rest of the day in my studio with only the View and General Hospital for company.

This is a frantic time as forms have had to be filled out and faxed back for parking passes, booth electrics, insurance for the duration of the show. Now I can't remember if I have to order the cross bar for the front of my booth so we can support the beam with my lights on. Then I've been working on submitting some new images for my website and sending them on to my web master, that means some time spent in Photoshop Elements. I still need to draw some new images for my handout brochure and for my shows list hand out, also I had planned and even started a slide show in Keynote, that was fun to work on..... but hmmm did I tell you...

..... I'm a knitter!