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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Just a Little Vent......

Yet another pic of the style that looks really nice on lots of people but doesn't sell.

However, I must make a point here, just to get it out!!!!!!! Why do some people think that because they are dealing with an individual and not a huge company that they can pay for their merchandise when they receive it!!!!!!

Do LL Bean, Sundance, and their ilk send you your choices and then sit back and wait for you to see if you like it and send them a cheque? Do they say send the cheque when you can if you don't use a credit card? NO! Why then do some of the people I deal with at a show, taking an order, measuring, photographing, special ordering the yarn, making up a pattern to fit, spend the time making the garment and it's the buttons, tell me that they will send me their cheque when they get the sweater!!!!

Unfortunately it does happen that I must send out a cardi to meet a deadline for a client and usually that client puts their cheque in the post immediately so I will be paid when they get their order (if not using a credit card). But their is the odd one who will keep me waiting as I keep my end of the bargain.

Now, I've never been 'stiffed' as they say, but I just think it is rude to tell me you'll pay when you get it, especially if you are a new client. I will work out anything with an established client as there is history and trust. But if I am new to you and haven't proved myself to you, then you are just as new to me and I let hundreds of dollars of work and materials go and trust I'll get paid. That's asking an awful lot of my trust when you know you've got me by my promised timeline.

I recently had a client express surprise that I would want paying up front, before I sent out the merchandise...... I was floored. I asked her if Holt Renfrew let her do that.

I work through lack of sleep, illness and far into the night to keep my clients happy and if telling them I've been in business nearly a quarter of a century isnt' enough to let them know I'm not a 'fly by night' then I don't know what is.

Well, to whoever is listening, thanks for letting me vent.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Two Beauties?!

This is me (dark... with specs) and my neighbour at the recent One of a Kind Chicago show. Jennifer is a potter and has wonderful designs that would also look good knit up somehow! Waterside Studio is her work's monika, and he Mum helps her out in her lovely booth. I need a desk too to keep my crap behind so my booth looks tidy too!!!

Anway, I'm wearing one of my inventory and love the way it looks... howeve no one goes for this style and I love it. The neck's a bit of a trial to work out but I love the effect.

Yes... I know the hem is wonky.. it's supposed to be...

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Homeward Bound

Well, the show was great success and I had a lot of fun. Sometimes the most fun was sitting on the floor playing 'Skip-Bo' with my friends' two boys! I't's so fun to play kids card games!!

Anyway, we had a few stops in East Lansing one of which was 'Elderly' Instruments which seems to be a haven for guitar enthusiasts, even I wandered around awed, wow! What a selection.

This (unfortunately dark... it was pouring down rain) photo is of my other half happily standing on the steps of the store in the old IOOF building in Lansing.

Hey.. the fun never stops.

Monday, December 11, 2006

End of the Yarn... Show Over!

Well, sigh and yipee... the last (and biggest) show of the year is over, and though I have a ton of my cardis to knit before Christmas and get them to my clients the pressure and stress isn't the same.

The Chicago One of a Kind is great and it was neat this year in that it was grown by 100 artisans and we had 52 Canadian artists. Busy, lots of fab stufff to see and learn from, colleagues it was good to see here.

Among my clients was this one pictured above modelling one of my older cardis (which I wear all the time) who, as you can see, took her job as a model seriously!!!

Now for home.....

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Day Two.

No, this has nothing to do with being a fibre artist in a craft show but having interesting friends. Our friends showed us a house in transition and this is one of the bathrooms, the decor is red... right down to the toe nails on the claw footed tub!!!

Further to Day One.

Ok, so now I have a photo. It's me in my booth just as opening night is getting rolling. I think I have my act together! My other half is nowhere to be found at this point (I use a tripod & 10 second delay to take the pic) but it's nice and quiet... before the booze hits the punters.... sorry... before the guests have had their first glass of wine.

... Then.. I spy him, coming down a nearby aisle with no less than two martini glasses in his hands. They're the libation du jour: Sreetinis... the other one with pommegranate I find out later is a Shopaholic. Well, I loooove my Spreetini and the evening goes OK.. not gangbusters but OK.

I sadly found out that the old shoes I love and dyed black strank!! Now my feet are killing me!!!

Friday, December 08, 2006

Day One at One of a Kind Chicago

Well, first, I have not photo to post... well I do but it's still in the camera along with pics of the booth and some photos of clients which I took for their files.

For five years, I've been showing up on the morning of the first day and setting up before they boot us out at noon. So much is supplied (carpet, lights, hard walls painted your colour selection) that it's not such a big deal. This year, however, wanting to arrive earlier at our friends' house and spend more time we tore through Michigan and got to the Mart at oneish, off loaded my forms and stuff and after parking the van in our fave cheap lot a couple of blocks across the river, arrived at the booth.

Nice colour that tealy blue, I thought ....... but I always have my booth white! Now, I subscribe to the 'if you don't submit a colour pref it'll get painted white anyway school of selection but this year that didn't work. I'm 5129 and next to me is 5129A, apparently the painters got mixed up and 'A' got my white walls. Brianne walked by got on the cell phone and before too long a couple of blokes with rollers on long poles had my booth white again (two coats) and 'A' was their requested blue!!! Of course that has left us with less square footage (two coats of that stuff is thick!) just kidding ... it's great.

Well, I'll get a photo soon and remember: Wherever you go.... there you are.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

A Really Big Show!


Can't really believe I'm sitting in a motel room en route to Chicago for the final show of the year. My knits and I are returning to the One of a Kind show at the Merchandise Mart for four days.

It's been simply ages since I posted and this is why, I've been mired in prep for this last show. This pic I took while taking a bunch of photos of my recent cardis before packing them up and sending them out.

I'd love to stay and chat but I want to make good time tomorrow so I'm away to my motel bed!