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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Pattern Writing Newbie.

Aaaaaarrrgh! I'm writing my first pattern for the knitting machine to be published in the Summer issue of Knitwords and with the guidance of publisher Mary Anne Oger and a pile of back issues. It's a struggle!!! I was never really good at Math and aside from totting up when waitressing and working with my own knitting patterns and Garment Designer I haven't used it to any great length.

I keep telling myself that I never really considered using a knitting machine 25 years ago and now I can't imagine doing anything else. I once couldn't ride a bicycle, ice skate, use a computer and now I can do lots of things so I keep plodding on.

Sooooo... I hope to be carrying patterns for some of my cardis on my web site... but, hey, that's a whole nuther story as I'm building a new site too..... aaaaarrrgh!!!!

Monday, February 26, 2007

Party Parcel.

What do you get when you invite a friend to your house who is building a home? Brownies tied up with some of the cord they used to haul something up to a second floor. I did ask if they needed it back.... did what they have left still reach the ground? They assured me they had plenty.

BTW, great brownies!!!

OK... The De Icing!

Just a quickie. I went from a beautiful sunrise just as I boarded the Dash 8 in Palm Springs, I got to watch the sun come up from behind the mountains.... to deicing in Washington. The bright light from above is the man with the ice scraper!

Palm Springs Catch Up

Well, it seems so long ago now and had I not been so busy on my return I would have posted way sooner. I was in Palm Springs for a week on
the kind invitation of our friend Adrienne. I've never been to the desert before and I found it fascinating.

The flora and fauna grabbed me.... from the lemons and grapefruit Adrienne picked from the trees around her condo to the cacti in this lovely front garden and the pine trees at 8500 feet up a mountain. Notice I have my gloves and jacket on's chilly at 8500'!!!

It was a great break since I had been going since the last show in Chicago in December and knew I'd be hell bent for leather up to the One of a Kind in Toronto and Originals in Ottawa when I got back. So I enjoyed some R&R and fresh air....

......not to mention 6 airplanes, four airports, de-icing in Washington and two blizzards in Northern New York state!.... but that's another post....if ever.!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Winter Workshop

This gang or women descended on my studio last weekend out of a blizzard (no... we'd planned it for just ages) and I tried to work their @!*'s off over the weekend on their knitting machines.

Carol (in red) supplied the fuel in the form of a marvelous manicotti -yum- which we ate on the Friday night, joined my husband who shovelled the driveway so they could park.

We decided on what to make and my job was to try to impart some knowledge and hints, tips and techniques on how to make them.

I managed to squeeze four machines in my studio and things went well, they worked so very hard, barely breaking for sustenance!!! Very admirable.

Using Garment Designer software we made patterns for each after measuring for slopers. Some folk can knit directly from a standard and some need resizing and tweaking to fit. I find that knitting a first garment shows you a lot when it's done. I was lucky, my first was something that fit and I wear a lot but I've still had the odd one since, when trying to do a new shape, that I had to pull out sections or give it away and start again. The more you do the more you know your yarn/pattern/knitting machine/skill.

These brave girls drove home through Northern NY State in another blizzard but I've heard from them since and believe they're all still alive!

I followed two days later through a blizzard to get to Syracuse airport to get to Palm Springs... I'll post about that later.

Knitting?.... kinda!

What I do with my Saturday afternoon. Helping with research at Queen's U.

Here I'm all wired up (for sound?..) to see how I walk and if I can walk better. Old knee injury led to osteoarthritis in one knee and so I got called for research into how it can be slowed down, helped, pain reduced etc. This one is about certain exercises to strengthen the hip muscle which would better align the knee joint, distribute the weight and support the knee joint.

It took ages to get wired into this stuff and more ages to get out...and everyone wants to wear tenis whites on a day when it's a blizzard out!