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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Old Home Day!!

Second day at the OOAK, seems like everyone I know or have knit for came by the booth, it was wonderful. To go from spending waaaaaay too much time all alone (well... me and General Hospital) in my studio for weeks leading up to the shows to having all these wonderful people stop by is very uplifting.

Jean in her 'Long Lac' flounced by in her red shoes and stopped in, then Carol and a bright number that I had forgotten I had done!!! She brought a friend and we tore the place apart taking two new designs and making them into a third new one! (sorry that pic is still sideways so I won't put it in just now).

My friend Barbara who was supposed to have a Christmas gathering but had to cancel stopped by to say things are coming to rights and the 'do' is now a Spring one and I'm to watch my email. She and he husband Eric have the wonderful Waterfall Tea Room in Yarker outside Kingston, I could describe it but .... just go.... eat .... look.... shop!

Then, my buds Jackie and Judith came by and Judith came a long way on a bad day so I felt truly honoured!!! These are crazy and talented knitting ladies and a joy to hang out with.

There are more but I must get some sort of beauty sleep ( ha!).

Thanks everyone for stopping by, it was wonderful to catch up with each of you.... I feel like I had a party today!!!

Same Day... Different.....

.... town. First day of the One of a Kind show. Here is a pic of my booth.

Actually it's a different day, the first day was yesterday.... I'm just up late at the B&B taking advantage of somebody's wireless!!!

Bags of Fun!!

Well, bags, I don't know about the fun. On a Sunday afternoon break from show prep in the studio we walked downtown with our mocha's and wandered into Dollarama with which my husband has become enamoured. Now, I love dollar stores and moving out of Toronto 11 years ago dragged me away from some really good ones, but this one came up trumps.

These little rubber baskets (they're soft and pliable) were so inviting I took one home (remember.. just $1). In the studio it nicely held the yarn cones, buttons, order sheet and any other accouterments of a custom order...... I have 10!!!!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

In The Studio.

Tripping over stacks of coned yarn on the floor, making my way back and forth from the computer keyboard to the printer printing out patterns or shows list to give out in my booth I come across lovely 'stuff' I accumulate.

This bookmark was sent to me be my friend Deirdre, she made it, she does all kinds of interesting things with sewing machines and the like that I don't do so it was such a neat 'thing' to receive in the post.

Before I knew it was a bookmark I thought of it as an embellishment and started thinking of a garment on which it would look stunning as a back half belt.

Don't think I have the heart to hide it in a book!


Weather above zero, cold almost over, energy sorta back so I ventured forth for a power walk before locking myself in the studio...... look what I found!!! Snowdrops in the sunshine!!!.....and not the ones that melt on your tongue.

There were tons of them in many front gardens along my route... very uplifting!!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Technically Accomplished!!!

Lacy sort of collar that I've been working on for a new design. The black is sock yarn.

Some 'fulled' flowers for another design, knitting swatches, fulling them in the washing machine, cutting them out, now I just have to figure out the nicest way to attach them to the cardi.

Well, I've finally done it... I've built my own web site and it's up and running. is refreshed and because I'm doing it myself I hope to keep it current and fresh. How many times have I wanted to upload a photo of a new design but it's been a long process.

Also it needed some infusion of colour and I was a bit tired of looking at my buttons. Those header buttons from my old site are on a lovely cotton cardi which I wear in the Spring and Summer.

This time next week we'll be winging our way to set up the One of a Kind show I have a headache!!!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Happy St Patrick's Day!!

Our second Sunday downtown Sun n' Mocha stroll, beautifully sunny again, great for a one hour break from the studio some air and an infusion of energy. These green dyed cherry cake slices were on display at our local Coffee & Company on Princess St.

C&C is local and when I have work to do (like when I was working on my web site) they have free wireless! Gotta love that!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Show Time.....soooon!

Well, just over a week until the first Spring craft show... the One of a Kind Show in Toronto. I'm booth J14 which is a new area for me so that's exciting.

The OOAK is followed by the Originals in Ottawa... booth 205.

The photos are of parts of my studio were I have yarn cones on the floor from which I have been knitting a new colour block design. I love knitting this way, with free reign to put the colours where I want and just knit away not having to worry about whether it will fit a certain person.... I just have to find the person to fit it, which is easier, especially if it turns out to be a good design.

The other pic is of my 'sewing table'... well machines away just now, where I've bundled yarn together with their order forms and info to be made up for my clients. One or two might have a colour missing or will need their buttons making after completion. Others either have the buttons made or one use corset tape anyway. This may not look like much but seeing as I make three garments a week it pretty much represents half a months work, give or take. Orders take long as they require much prep and sizing, stock is quicker and more fun and creative.

Notice the bottle of vitamin C.... trying to shake a really bad cold that found me spending a day in bed.... not something I do lightly but just couldn't lift my head. And, hey, those WONDERFUL Ziplock bags where I do my filing, one has all the OOAK show stuff in it and the other holds the Originals stuff, and being clear I can see the 'to do' list I put on top. In line at our local post offece I commented on another woman using one, 'It's my brief case' she chuckled.

I'm not awaiting some tech help from my web host guy, the beloved Jaeson who has listened to me fluster on the phone when my email is stuck or some such thing. Now that I'm doing it myself I need guidance. We'll get it uploaded in the next few days, I know. Now I'm going to leave my web master Marc to get on with his own business.

Well, I may be slow and behind but I'm organized!!!!! Now BACK TO WORK!!

Monday, March 12, 2007


Yipeeeee! What a wonderful Spring Sunday yesterday, my other half and I spent the day working in the studio (me, getting ready for the Spring shows), wiring up the house for our new broadband and reaching out an upstairs window to try to shift the sheet of snow and ice on the studio roof before it slid off onto someone's head. I suggested a break - a walk downtown to just be OUT!

The sunny side of the street with mocha' s in hand strolling up the main drag I took this picture of the mounted Kingston police officer with some equine fans after she had just 'advised' a driver to 'move on'. Hey I might pay the parking ticket if the horse gives it to me!

We ran into friends and spent time chatting, the distaff side involved in talking about computers (she and I are both Mac people), and discussing web site building. I told her I had just finished my first web site and she later took a proofing look at it.

Ready to upload I will announce this freshened site in a few days... same URL as the past 6 years... thanks Marc!!