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Monday, May 28, 2007

Pink Ribbon.

My good, but distant, friend Judith had a project last year, to make one of my designs (one she had made in a workshop in my studio, in a style to wear to a Breast Cancer fundraiser. She was working in Black Cannele mercerised cotton with 'Sugar' (pink) accents. She needed some pink and asked if I had any odd bits on a cone, she intended to use it on the undercollar and to make pink 'ribbons' and bead them. I had about a third of a cone and took it with me to the Bonnie Triola weekend seminar and said, though small, consider it a donation to the cause (I guess a very round about way).

Judith made me a pink ribbon but we hadn't got together so it arrived in the post last week and was a lovely surprise, it's beautifully beaded, you can see the size up against a quarter.

Now it's my turn, I'm sharing a booth at the local Dragon Boat day here in Kingston on June 9th and I got all fired up to knit a stunning (a girl can dream) jacket in pink with a dragon motif of sorts on the back. I've ordered enough 'Sugar' to make it in cotton but too late and it won't be here in time so I ransacked my shelves and found lovely array of wool in different shades. I'm now looking at doing it in colour blocking and stylizing a dragon for the back.. it was my friend Judith who found me a dragon design already graphed and my mind is chewing it over as to what I want to do.

As they say...... watch this space!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Fluffies Fledged!!

No more 'fly by night' tales after this post, the
robins are fledged and these are the last pics of

A couple of days later they are definitely suffering from overcrowding. I think someone must be standing on robin #4's head! As soon as I took this picture they flew off and a day or so later we dismantled the nest so we could have use of our bedroom screen door!

"Hey, guys, look.... there's a world out there".

Baby robin enjoying my pansies.

There is a sparrow who is sure there's still time to create a family in the roof vent over my studio and though we're not sure what's going on there, he's really noisy.

The robins are now flying around chasing Mum for food, the doves, it seems, gave up but the grackles didn't. How do I know this? The piles of fresh bird droppings on my car now that they have redoubled their efforts to keep their offspring alive.

Felted Bag Use.

Recently at a studio open house I ran into a friend who had a two day old duckling with her.

If staying home isn't an option on a sunny Sunday, take jr with you in your latest felted bag!!! Here he's surfaced for refreshements!

Just ducky!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Baby Robins - Episode 3

Mum/Dad Robin

This photo of our baby robins was taken two days ago, I climbed on the little step ladder and was greeted by what seemed like a sea of fluffy baby birds. There are four but seems like only room in there for a couple let alone Mum who sits on them when she's not digging worms out of the newly rained on lawn.

This one (right) I took this morning and they were just a sea of beaks so I didn't go any closer! I also got down PDQ as the Mum/Dad was screaming at me.

Just a little while ago I was over at my neighbour's back porch where she also has a nest of four robins.

Well, we won't go short of robins this year!

Here is proof that even if the grackles don't seem to sit on the nest their babies still hatch! We were sure they were gonners until we noticed a lot of to-ing and fro-ing and hauled out the ladder, and Clint climbed up and took a quick pic. Looks like two and look just hatched. This nest is nestled in the wires that from the phone/hydro line and is reeeeally long as they must have dropped twigs down in the wires until it sort of looked like a nest!

No wonder it's noisy outside if I happen to wake at 4 in the morning!!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Baby Robins More, Bigger, Older.

John, Paul, George and Ringo!

Most recent picture of our baby robins. Two hatched Wednesday May 9th, a third the following day and when I took this on Sunday we found there are four! Poor Mum screeches at me as I stand precariously on a ladder on our 'Juliet' balcony off our bedroom.

Good thing it's not too warm and buggy as we wont be using our folding screen door until they are fledged. Aaaawww!

'Knitting Bag' Card

As I was under the weather recently, my dear friend Rose took the oportunity to send me a card that she had purchase a year ago. She had waited all this time for the right time.

It is soooo cute. A knitting bag made of patterned wallpaper (I think), with wire handles and knitting needles, tiny balls of wool and a partly knitted 'project'.

When I'm done looking at it on my dining room table I think I'll frame it!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Ace Painters.

And I'm not talking about guys in town that'll do your house! These wonderfully talented women (and my husband) were found celebrating the award recipients at the KAC Juried Art Salon last Thursday evening.

A lovely Spring evening found many of Kingston fine artists and art supporters in the Wilson Room of the public library to see who had found favour with the judges. Art is difficult to judge and difficult to be judged by, I made the first round (digital image) but not the second where we were asked to take in our submitted works. No matter I am always happy to give it t try and, anyway, as my husband reminded me, I took first in Established Artist in 2003!

These women are Andrea Graham, Sally Chupick and Aili Kurtis, check out their sites to see their award winning work.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

PC Afternoon May.

Friday afternoon was polymer clay afternoon meeting for the EOPCG (Eastern Ontario Polymer Clay Group).

By the looks of the photo we dragged out a lot of stuff and had a fairly productive couple of hours. Georgia got the others doing 'Bottles of Hope", a Breast Cancer project, I wanted to make beads for some bookmarks I wanted to make. The bottles were lovely, my beads didn't turn out too badly considering the talking I did. Found the tiny ribbons fiddly but I'll get better.

Saturday morning saw the Breast Cancer Action Kingston walk so we were kind of in the mood for PINK.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Fluffy but not wooly.

I couldn't resist taking pictures of our baby robins ..... well only ours in that their nest is on top of the folded up screen for our bedroom balcony door. The robin family got to the screen before we had need to unfold it and use it!

My husband used a mirror to see what Mum had been sitting on, there were two babies and an egg. When I climbed upon a step ladder with my camera there were three babies. They are safe under the eves out of the rain and sun unlike the grackles (in the vine just above the hydro meter) and the doves (in the 'Y' of a tree branch not too far from the robins.

Mommy Robin squawked at me so I took the pics quickly, I'll update in a day or so......meanwhile....

Happy Mother's Day.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Well, I did it. I wrote my first pattern with the guidance of Mary Anne Oger at Knitwords magazine. I've decided rocket science is easier but it's something I've wanted to do for years now. Just didn't put aside the time and make the effort. It was a great challenge and I'm really proud of myself.

'Charlie' can be viewed on the Knitwords site here.

......hmmm...clever me! Yeah, yeah, others have been doing it for eons....

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Juried Art Salon Kafe Klatch

Here is a happy picture of three happy artists who have just delivered their work to the Kingston Public Library for the Kingston Arts Council's 6th annual Juried Art Salon. It's an annual wonderful collection of fine art, sculpture, mixed media and so on from artists and artisans in the Kingston area and who are members of the KAC.

Here are Sally Chupick, a painter in watercolours and oils, there is me in the middle, and then Aili Kurtis who is another wonderful painter, I was happy to introduce them. I've known Aili for years (well she is my husband's ex!) and always admired her work. We are at the Sleepless goat for a gabfest and lunch before going about our business. What fun to meet up and touch base.