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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Wooly Dragon

I just remembered I shared a booth with my friend Georgia at the recent Dragon Boat races here in K'town and it made me focus on knitting a dragon on a pink jacket as we were there to in support of Breast Cancer Action Kingston. Their boat was powered by a great team of survivors.

I fished around for ages and asked knitter friends for ideas about a Dragon design. Boy! did I find some crazy and wild ones on the 'net!!!!

After filling my head with dragons this is what I came up with and knit it as an asymmetrical back waist patch. The rest of the cardi is pretty nice and I'll shortly be loading it on to the gallery page of my web site.......

Red Letter Day!

Well.... really.... red phone call day. My old friend Claire Maunsell gave me a ding from Nova Scotia and we burned up the phone lines!

Claire is an amazing glass artist.... well an amazing artist anyway as she does more than glass, and she and her young family left Kingston three years ago. And we've not been very good at staying in touch... though we've been in each other's thoughts.

We used to get together lots, her son's birthday is the same day as mine and I have fond memories of a sharing a yummy chocolate birthday cake decorated with Gummy Bears! Raising children has taken her away from the arts scene for a bit but today I found out shes into Polymer Clay and got all excited to see her work on Etsy. She calls herself Stillpointworks and I was soooo impressed with her jewellery there.

The pictures here are of a beautiful fruit bowl Claire gave me for my birthday about ten years ago, I've always treasured it....... and so far... not broken it!!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition

The Toronto show happened two weekends ago and though it went well the first two days we were pretty much rained out on the Sunday. It was incredibly hot and sticky but I always have fun at that show. I think it's being back in the big smoke!

I've always told folk give me a lot of concrete and tall buildings and I'm in heaven.... lots of shops, people and interesting places to mooch about in.

This woman at the TOAE did a performance art piece, knitting Lopi yarn into this huge ball in a scarf width. It actually had a form centre to start it off, she was fun to chat with and, of courses, didn't have to worry about stock!!!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

TOAE and Rosemount Inn

Long time no post, been very busy and don't seem to get time to write. Anyway, I just had to today right before we leave for Toronto to participate in the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition. This will be my 11th year and I feel very fortunate to be juried back in once again.

I was invited to the Rosemount Inn here in Kingston by innkeeper Holly for an afternoon of a demonstration of spa products.... and who's name gets chosen for the facial!!!! Yours truly got to don a scrummy white robe and wrap and spend the next 40 minutes on a bed being pampered.....too bad I don't have a photo... I'm radiant!!! Then I got to look at their spa and some of the rooms in the 1850's inn. Beautiful.

Well, that was a delish treat before a hard working weekend.... I think I'll take myself in for a body wrap after that's all over.