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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Colour! Colour! Colour!

A set of my hand made buttons.

Recently a friend steered me to 'Stumble Upon' as a great time waster or a resource.... I'm in love!

I put in knitting, fashion, w
eb design, graphics and some others as my key interests so that when I surf only sites I'm remotely interested in come up and I get sites that I would not normally find ..... a recent one didn't seem to have a home page but who cares, it has the colour wheel. It's a colour tool site - and I realized it has a great application in knitwear design as you can play with accent colours on a main colour background. It's great for inspiration or if you have some colours on your shelf that you want to make up into something spectacular and need to play with the colour sequence first.

Give it a whirl and have fun!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sheep Dog Trials

Sheep - yes, but dogs you say? Yes, this was my third or fourth year at the Sheep Dog Trials at Grass Creek Park just east of Kingston Ontario. My Mum used to spin and weave so was invlolved in the Sheep to Shawl event there and elsewhere and kept saying I should take a table in the craft tent...... well who listens to their mother?

Amanda Milliken who runs the shebang (sheepbang?) is a client of mine and asked me as well so I finally gave in! Why didn't I do this before?! I have such a blast there, it's and easy show to do and I get to net work with other woolly folk.

Above I am fanning myself next to display (it was really hot this year) with my new custom hat over my buzz cut.

Here is Anne from our local Wool-Tyme store, a wonderful store, and we spent some time looking at a cool knit hat in the latest Vogue Knitting that I can wear when this Winter when I still won't have much hair. I knit some swatches and ran them by Ann. I'm a fine machine knitter and can think off th top of my head about gauges and necessary yarns and such but I go to Ann when it comes to boning up on hand knitting.

Also making it a fun weekend was the close proximity of my great friend Georgia and here work from Beeks Lane Studio.

As there are functions in the tent in the evening you move your booth about a bit each of the three days which made for interest. I moved the second day to make room for the four teams in the Sheep to Shawl event. Each team of women have four hours to comb and card the wool from the fleece they have chosen... fresh from the sheep, spin and ply the weave a shawl to particular dimensions. The weaver arrives with her loom already warped (if that's what it's called... I'm not a weavar) and ready to go as soon as there is plyed wool to go.

They are judged on time (points lost for going over) the weave, accomplishing the correct size i think it was 20" by 72" or thereabouts, and the winning team is announced. The shawls are taken home by one person, to be washed (they are still full of oils) and dried and are brought back the next day to be auctioned off.

I love this event, something going from the back of an animal to the back of a human and no one gets hurt!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Just a Quickie!

No photo for this, though I should get one of my other hat... if anyone had any doubts or wondered about Ads by Google, I found '' on mine this morning but already knew about it throught my friend Gwendolyne's blog. I got two great hats (one of which I'm wearing for chemo in my last post) from this site. They are reasonably priced and great quality.

...... just a heads up :)

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

My Spanner in the Works

Well, most of my friends and colleagues know by now that I have breast cancer. Now I'm incorporating it into my blog as my colleagues, fellow knitters and artisans have been incredibly supportive through my journey. This photo was taken on our vacation in the Outer Banks NC where I am taking in truckloads of negative ions and sea air. I had my biopsy the day before we left so here I'm in that no man's land of knowing I well receive some sort of diagnosis on our return. The weather cooperated and we had a wonderful time.
Every now and then I would touch my 'lump' and wonder.

Fast forward to last Monday when my husband's band mate and our ne
ighbour offered to shave off what was left of my hair! In this photo he has more hair than I do!!! And I'm talking to my Nova Scotia knitting buddy.

Anyone who's been through this will know the discomfort of that itchy head, slept-on-tight-rollers feeling that is totally alleviated when bald. No,
I don't love it, I've not had short hair for over two decades but it's comfortable. Also as my time is taken up with fatigue and stuff it makes taking a shower VERY quick.

Here I'm in one of my hats, tied with a scarf for my second chemo treatment. Because I am also on antibiotic just now it combined to make the side effects worse .... but I'm coming out if it and have went back to knitting yesterday afternoon (after the nurse left). This had really thrown a spanner in the works as far as my business goes. No knitting after two surgeries (chest too sore) then soooo many appointments that I barely get back into the studio before I have to head off to something or try to remember what supplements or meds to take..Whew!

I want everyone on 'my team' to know just how unbelievable they've been and to have them there as I go through this is immense...


My sister Judith and me.

Toilet Roll Cover

My dear friend Georgia had a challenge recently for various artisans in different media to make a toilet roll cover! What a great idea!! Can you just see it .... glass, polymer clay, weaving, ceramics and so on. Apparently it went really well.... well, except Georgia's who's polymer clay crocheted effort did rather badly in it's second firing... oh dear... (check out August 2 post on Polymer Ponderings )

Well, recently she and I had cause to visit my inlaws and lo and behold my mother-in-law Betty has an original one and I just had to take a pic and broadcast her. Ain't she cute!!!

This is the real McCoy.