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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Toilet Roll Cover

My dear friend Georgia had a challenge recently for various artisans in different media to make a toilet roll cover! What a great idea!! Can you just see it .... glass, polymer clay, weaving, ceramics and so on. Apparently it went really well.... well, except Georgia's who's polymer clay crocheted effort did rather badly in it's second firing... oh dear... (check out August 2 post on Polymer Ponderings )

Well, recently she and I had cause to visit my inlaws and lo and behold my mother-in-law Betty has an original one and I just had to take a pic and broadcast her. Ain't she cute!!!

This is the real McCoy.

1 comment:

iggy said...

hi carolyn --

just to say thanks for the support --
too bad my toilet roll cover bit the dust so to say...

love this one, tho...