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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ends and Beginnings.

Well, thought I'd better bank out another post, the last one for 2008, as the last few weeks have been very busy for me and everybody I know. Though the shows are over for another year, it's more than past time to look at next years shows and mostly the cheque writing part ..... I'm doing my Scarlet O'Hara bit and thinking about it 'tomorrow'. Meanwhile, as you see by this stunning photo of me at my sartorial best, I've been having fun. My lovely English neighbour had her sis and friend over from Blighty for a few weeks and as they love hats one or two were purchased in their North American travels. This one is a giraffe..... and I just had to have a go....!

Later that same evening, just before Christmas, my dear friend Sandy Whitton held her 'artist's party' for the artists exhibiting in her Art of Giving show in her gallery. It's always great to get together with other artists and artisans where you don't have to pretend you're there for the art or have to keep a look out for customers in your booth. Here she is talking about the tree and the ornament (or 'artament' as Rachel her trusty assistant named them) swap. I didn't make one so I wasn't involved. Some of the ornaments were wonderful, beaded book marks, felted balls, paper, wrought iron, polymer clay... and then some little ones that were like a short golden cigar with a couple of red bells...hmmmm. Realizing they were actually tampons covered in foil ( they com already strung) I went in search of the designer. J T Winik is an amazingly talented painter with, I found, an odd sense of humour! Still waters run deep.

While we were away in Chicago another neighbour looked in on our cat/yak (they're about the same size) and she bought him a bed, here he is sleeping in it but it's the only time as, being a cat, he likes hard lumpy things (baskets, the stones on the driveway) or soft things that belong to other people. There can really only be one large puffy thing in his house and that would be him. He didn't get into this bed of his own volition... he had help. Though he debedded sharpish.

* * * * * * * *

Christmas eve was spent at my sister's house opening presents. Her family seems to be off in a puff of smoke on Christmas day so the folks and we eat turkey without them, anyway, a beautiful tree and waaaaay to many gifts mostly courtesy of my Dad who either won't listen or can't hear. It used to be the former, I think now it's the latter.

Great food, too many chocolates, and I even got home to in time to see Scrooge give Bob Cratchet his raise... I love a Christmas Carol with Alistair Sim.

* * * * * * * *

Isn't incredible that with all the storms, blizzards and snow we got in December we had a rainy green Christmas! Bah Humbug to that. However the storms came the last couple of days blowing down trees and putting out power. We lost ours a couple of days ago and while hubby was suggesting popping our for a some supper before the sump pump's inaction led to a flooded basement I remembered we had put in a gas stove since the last power outage and 'have match will cook' became my motto and I tossed together some rice and a rather tasty stir fry, if I say so myself. This also proved to keep the place warm, as you can see, with the candles and the stove top we were quite cozy. I invited my friend over who was dog sitting the English neighbour's pooch and when we had just sat down to eat the power came back.

* * * * * * * *

Well, I did get rather a great Christmas prezzy. I have a surgery date! Yay. I lose the old boobs and get new ones all in one fell swoop! Not surgery, after wait, after surgery. January 15th is my date and after that I'll be doing nothing for a long while, having not to use my pec muscles. I hope to heal well though and at least be able to hand knit and work on the computer as I've lots of web stuff to do. Quite frankly I'm excited that my letter writing to the plastic surgeon got this going and I will be able to move to the next stage of my life endeavouring to stay fit and healthy. And also I'm sooooo looking forward to the rest!!! Anyone who knows me knows I have to be felled by 'flu or knocked down by a bus to actually lie down if it's not bedtime.

2009 won't be all bad then..... endings .... but... beginnings.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Back... but not over yet!!!

The Chicago One of a Kind Show and Sale is over for another year and we got back on Monday after an uneventful drive through Michigan (no lake effect blizzards), and a pleasant but short stopover in Battle Creek. I did learn that apparently two men - a native and a white man I believe - had an argument by a creek and marked it on the map as the place the battle occurred, hence the name.

Here I'm wearing my new SweaterWrap that has a scattering of hand knit flowers on it. Which I've been knitting all year I think!!

Anyway, the show went well considering the economy and listening to folk getting off the elevator saying "I'm just going to look". I managed to sell to one or two of these ladies, one of whom bought a black jacket that looked terrific on her then said "That's it". Another lady had looked at said jacket of which I only had one (hence One of a Kind) as it was a Large and might fit her well, but off she went to shop elsewhere. When she returned the cardi was gone so she left disappointed. (So was I)!

Our wonderful friends with whom we've stayed for the past six years are in a state of upheaval with a move so they recommended a B&B in the neighbourhood of Oak Park where they stayed when they moved in twelve years ago. The Under the Ginko B&B was an experience and we look forward to staying there again! A huge Victorian house run by Gloria and also Dan with whom I agreed when he asked me if he looked like a gangster. Breakfast was a treat in the large old dining room with the other guests chatting with Gloria and exchanging travel tips. If you look at their site we stayed in room 4.

While away I was in contact with Kingston colleagues who were involved in a new show the Gift of Giving at Fort Henry run my friend Lindsey Fair. I heard it went well, the fort is a really interesting place for a show, so much atmosphere and I'm sure a ghost or two. With all the stress of show prep and involvement Lindsey mentioned a large drink to follow when it was all over, I agreed and she put together a group on Facebook. Well, only four of us showed up but it was good as we got to hash over some issues, eat and drink then go on our ways back to work.

In the photo we have Jane Thelwell of Anglin Bay Pottery who's business acumen always blows me away, me, Lindsey Fair of Beach Glass fame (and so much more) and Andrea Graham, an amazing felter, mother, business woman and teacher.

Well, it's not over yet, not only the Christmas 'do's to attend, stuff to bake to take along, my Mum's 89th birthday tomorrow and various other functions.........I still have a ton of work to get done that's overdue. Some due to lack of yarn (not here yet) redo/adjustment for something that didn't quite fit and those that are slated as Christmas gifts. Expedited post usually takes one day but at this time of year it takes two. And I get, from a letter I got on my return, that I might be having surgery early in the New Year which would mean several weeks not using the knitting machine. I'm looking to work on some web sites and buttons, start an Etsy shop for my buttons.

.... gotta run.....

Thursday, December 04, 2008

One of a Kind Chicago

Sandra Whitton Gallery
Kingston Ontario

Well, here we are at the One of a Kind Chicago and heading in to the first day tomorrow(or should I say.. today)! The set up today was OK though my other half had to sit in the van for hours in a line up waiting to be called to a loading (unloading) dock. Meanwhile I had registered us, picked up name tags, checked my booth 8-4129 to see if my UPS shipment had made it. That had to go out a week ago in order to get here around the American Thanksgiving. I am always pleased to see my Rubbermaid boxes standing there dressed in yards of Duct tape and shipping labels.

Meanwhile back at the ranch (home) I was able to put only one of my 'wraps' into the Sandra Whitton Gallery for the Art of Giving show that will run over the holidays. Though I want to sell everything I own here this week I also want to take a wrap or two back to display and sell in K'town. It's been a b!%*h that our dollar is so weak again and I still had a payment due on my booth not to mention gas, accommodation and eats here in the good old US ofA. However, anything I manage to take back with me to Canada will grow when I take it to the bank... (not necessarily laughing all the way these days).

Well, now to bed as it's the first day tomorrow and ..... much to the chagrin of the American exhibitors, it's back to four days!!!!!!!!! Hey, just try the Canadian OOAK 11 days, so there. We'll just try not to nod off in our booth, under the cash desk, and keep grinning.....

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Chicago...Here I come!!!

Out and About

Just last week I attended the opening of my friend and colleague Delvalle's new gallery location. Yes everyone was there, here in Kingston you run into everyone at gallery openings - both artists and patrons - and it's a great way to stay connected and in touch with the scene.

Here she greets guests.

Delvalle had a lovely spot on a corner just a block over from the main drag Princess St, but big developers came in, bought the building and said she must be out by the end of October. We all wondered where she would find new premises but she found the mezzanine inside and over the downtown hardware store Vandevoort's. There's this amazing space which hang between the main store and the back of the building on the next street over which you can see in the picture.

Here's a shot from the mezzanine overlooking the main floor.

She has her own ceramic studio there where she can work when not attending to customers and carries a lot of local artists' work from pottery to glass, some fibre and all the other mediums one would find in most galleries. Here's a shot looking up at the mezzanine from the main store and a shot from the street.

We're all so glad she's not reduced to selling from a
cart on the street!!!

Working on Stock

I've been working hard for the Chicago One of a Kind Show which runs from December 4th to 7th at the Merchandise Mart. Some new buttons and wraps as I need smaller less expensive items in my inventory.

I really love doing the wraps and can't wait
until I have all done all my orders an I can make more and have some fun with them. I have such a stash of specialty yarns that I want to dig into. It's such a waste to let viscose ribbon and silk hide away in a storage bag.

In the Studio

While on the way to working my way through the orders and stock that I need I was doing stripe and really b&!@*#?d up my machine by passing the carriage over the bed with the yarn changer arm on it and somehow bending a lot of latches... 34 on total! I thought I could pass it over needles in hold!

You can kinda see them leaning over to the right, here .... aaaaarrrgh!

If it were my workhorse machine on which I no longer pattern I would have just put the needlenose pliers to 'em. But this is the machine I do lace on so I baby her.

Though it took me a while to pull out all the old ones and replace them I was fortunate to save all the bit off my old Singer 560 including all it's needles. This move put quite a dent in my cache.

I went on to knit my stripes, moving the yarn changer arm over hold needles with no ill effect. I must have had them not quite all the way out the first time.

Thank heaven for my stash or I would have had to cannibalise one of my other machines..... (or my girlfriend's which is languishing in the basement while she's in South Africa!!!)


My dear friend Sonja called me yesterday to ask if I had received my copy of Knitwords. I have but just checked out the patterns. She told me I was listed on p.24 in Mark Your Calendars as teaching at the Purls of Joy in April but not listed in the Finger Lakes seminar in May. Well, I'm doing the Finger Lakes but not the Purls of Joy this year. I hope I can go to Minnesota in 2010 as I have been invited.

Well, now I had better get back to the knitting machine, the paper work for exporting my wares, some web site updating I need to get done... for mine and also for a client.

.........a woman's work blah, blah, blah.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Needlepoint Lessons

Last week my friend Yvonne said I must go downtown to Gwyn Gryffon (needlepoint, knitting and winery) to help her choose a needlepoint for a Winter project. She pops over to my studio in the evening now and again with her lovely yellow lab. We chat while I work so this would be a golden opportunity to work on a project through the long evenings when I'm knitting my way through my orders. She chose a lovely piece of art from a painter who was around with the Group of Seven in the '3o's (I'll find out the name) but will take her a long time to complete... hey, it'll keep her off the streets and out of trouble!!!!

Susan at GG was very knowledgeable about the canvas and the yarns (even though she works in wine in the back!!) and had all the skeins of yarn and the needles chosen and packed up for Yvonne in no time. Then Susan gave Yvonne a quick lesson in the best stitch to use, and refreshed my memory as I haven't needlepointed in years but loved it when I did. I seem to remember doing basket stitch which took a while.

I got out my books when I got home and later that evening Yvonne came over to start putting small samples into the coloured squares at the bottom. She didn't quite get finished...

..... to be continued!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Town and Country Studio Tour

Georgia and me in our witch's hats!!!! Boo!
(note the tulle w/spiders over my face)

Well, what a weekend. It was the Town and Country Studio Tour in and around Kingston and though I didn't think I had done the prep I would have liked it went well. The weather cooperated and sales were made.

I have been mired in getting orders done in the past few weeks since returning from England and concentrated on that rather than make any new stock. I've got new designs in my head and they'll have to wait a bit longer. However I did take the time to clear out some stuff, tidy up a lot. Hoover and dust. tasks long over due.

Georgia came to help me and keep me company, so I wouldn't be alone in the studio, she wasn't participating this time as she and two partners are running Artemisia gallery in Westport now. She brought he laptop and worked on the gallery web site while greeting visitors and chatting to friends. I had started some buttons Friday night and decided not to put that mess away so folk could see a bit of that side of the designs and work. It was fun to show people how the buttons begin, but there were no children visiting this year to whom I usually give a bit of a lesson then a small bit of clay to take home.

Georgia and I had made a trip to Toronto on Thursday for me to pick up one of my jackets which had been on display there. The Beach Studio Tour was founded by me and another textile artist Susan MacDonald back in 1994 while we were living in the Beach neighbourhood of Toronto. The current organizers did a retrospective using work from some of the original participants and founders.

It was great to get together with some of my Toronto artisan friends over coffee to chat and catch up. So often we are grabbing a chat between clients at shows.

Georgia and I then headed downtown and hit Mocuba Ribbon, Curry's Art Supplies, MacFab notions for my clear button stays, Romni Wools to drool and pick up a few balls of wool, then on to the Paper Place (formerly the Japanese Paper Place). How great to wander along Queen St West again. It's been a long time and something Georgia had never done! My friend Susan had asked me to check out elastic in Mokuba..... I've never seen so much
elastic in colours and designs!!!

Anyway, back to this weekend. I madly had to finish a cardi for a US client who's friends were staying on Wolfe Island and wanted to pick it up and save the sending. I ended up delivering it (in a way) I took it over on the ferry to the docks on the Island side where the lady met me, giving me a hug for my troubles (how sweet, we had only met over the phone) and then I turned around and came back. I took some pictures ( I keep a small camera in my purse at all times) of the beautiful sunset over Lake Ontario. Though cold it was well worth the rush to catch the ferry at that time... as you can see. Fortunately I found my leather gloves in the pocket of my jacket ..... left over from the trip to the coast in England last month.

Wolfe Island Ferry view of Kingston

I headed home to prepare my studio, lugging forms and grids up from the basement. Preparing an area for my hot apple cider and cookies.

On Saturday morning as G and I were getting settled I decided to make up a 'tickle trunk' with a few pieces I really did not want to display again, though they were nice and had had ordered taken from them I just was tired of looking at them. Rather than 'Free to a good home' I put 'Half Ticketed Price' on them and sold three to women who looked fabulous in them! It makes room for more new and gives me some $$$ for yarn bills and to get one of the things fixed on my care that I have in a list.

Today was quieter and one of my clients dropped in, asked how I wast and told me her breast cancer was back. However it sounds as if it has been caught early (mammogram) and I'm sure she will do well. I'm praying for her, she had it 11 years ago and has been fine.... this is why I want a bilateral mastectomy, even though I had a clear mammogram a month ago. I need to feel I'm taking some care of the future.

On the lighter side, the pic above is of Georgia and me in our witch's hats. I said I would lend her mine then reneged as I wanted to wear it for the opening night on Hallowe'en of Maker's Hand show at the end of this month. I found another one, very chic so I can lend her my plainer one, here we are at the end of the studio tour modelling our chapeaus.

Anyway, I'm bushed and must quit doing stuff and bag some zzzzz's. Nite nite.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Run for the Cure

These three young women are Guelph uni students and the one in the scarf is my lovely niece Sarah at the Run for the Cure. Though her Mum and I didn't walk this year as planned (stuff got in the way) Sarah went out and don't you just love her outfit?

Good on ya Sarah, Mum and I will get in shape for next year.

Love, AC.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Beach Studio Tour Display

I just thought I had better put this little bit of business online, that the Beach Studio Tour that I founded back in 1994 has invited some of the original artists to have some of their current work displayed in the Beach prior to this Fall's tour. DeClute real estate offices 2241 Queen St E – just West of Hammersmith and E of Wineva, south side of Queen Street is the location for those interested.

I'm displaying 'Chatelaine' from the gallery show 'Women's Work' that took place this past Summer.


Also, upcoming, is the Kingston studio tour called the Town & Country Studio Tour, October 18th & 19th. I won't be having my Friday soiree this year as I've been very busy trying to wade through my orders of which I still have many to complete. I"m not complaining but I have Fall shows to prepare for!

Something that is making work easier to get through is the good news that my recent mammogram, my first in over two years due to my diagnosis and treatment, showed clear results!!!!! Yeah! I'm so relieved though never 100% sure. I guess only time will tell that. I have an MRI scheduled for November and after discussions with the docs perhaps I can put of that double mastectomy... at least so I can catch up financially to take the time off.

Another great surprise is that I was called about teaching a course at Haliburton next Summer, yes, machine knitting for a week, it will be July 27th to 31st so anyone interested do look out for the catalogue which usually comes out late in the year or early in the new year and come spend a week getting steeped in machine knitting in a beautiful part of Ontario!

....sooooo, back to work!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Family Stuff

Long time since I have posted here. I'm currently in Britain's North with my parents on their 60th wedding anniversary trip, long awaited and can't believe we're here. Surrounded by cousins who are no longer the little kids I had to play with when young (I'm the eldest) they are great middle aged adults we've grown even closer to.

Staying in Newcastle upon Tyne we spent our first day wandering along the quayside where there is a Sunday market, then going over the river on the Gateshead Millenium Bridge and back again to watch it open. This photo is of my Mum and a pile of rellies on the south side of the bridge, that's the Tyne Bridge in the background.

Today we ventured out into the country to a wonderful little town called Rothbury where my favourite Aunt lives. Dad had tried and tried to get hold of her to no avail and since he had called her from Canada and she knew we were coming we were very worried. She was my Mother's best friend and her bridesmaid 60 years ago. So we thought... let's just go and find out. Well, as you can see by this photo she had been flooded by the river behind where she lives, lots of flooding last weekend, and this is all her ground floor furniture that she couldn't get upstairs put out for the tip! The water was in her house three feet deep and it will be six to nine months before she will be able to move back in. She's 83 and amazing! It was so great to see her after so long, this photo is her telling my Dad where we might eat while she had to wait for the bloke who was going to come to tell her whether her floor needed ripping out! Fortunately she had parked her car up the hill so it was ok.

Though we were going to try a pub, of which there were three, Dad found a wonderful tea room, a little like the one in he movie 'Withnail and I'. Quite tiny but with great food. We had lemonade and 'jacket potatoes' with cheese and beans (baked) scrummy!!! Hit the spot on a rainy British Tuesday. Here's my Mum showing off all the beautiful flower boxes that we saw everywhere.

Weather being mild we strolled through the little town soaking up the history, narrow lanes and old stone houses.

This is a stone bridge where we stopped to look at the river that had overflowed it's banks and flooded out so many houses. A very busy place as it happens. A bus went by, some hikers, a fisherman by the bank and several cars. Looking off the bridge we could see all sorts of stuff in the trees that had caught there during the flooding.

Well, I must get some sleep as we're off to Durham tomorrow to see the castle and cathedral and the University from which my Dad got his MBBS. (MD in North America.)

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Yard Sale(s)

I had to give up going to Cleveland for Inspiration '08, the machine knitting seminar there as I'm off to England with my parents in five days! Though I really missed the weekend with my friends, getting together with other machine knitters and getting inspired and learning new things from people like Iris Bishop I got to be home for the 2nd annual Portsmouth Village Yard Sale.

We dearly hoped that the rain that was forecast would hold off.... well, it didn't happen and though it was overcast it was a lovely mild day. We were unaware that Linda up the road had costumy things but as you can see here, Jim from across from Linda made this stunning investment. Well, I hope he got a deal as there seems to me no head! Now Jim can say he left his wallet in his 'udder' suit!

This appears to be Jim and a like minded friend.......

We all had a great day and afterwards went around the corner to the Portsmouth Tavern or The Ports as it is commonly known by most neighbours and Queen's undergrads, for lunch. They had 10% off as a Yard Sale Special!

.....meanwhile some people (Ricardo) didn't get too involved and thought they would find a convenient laptop case and sleep this one out...too many dogs!!

Well, I do love yard sales and hanging out in the driveway chatting with all sorts of people but as it didn't make us independently wealthy..... back to the knitting machine!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Recycled Knits

'Sway' c 2000

On a recent trip to the beach at the Sandbanks in Prince Edward County we planned a stop in Picton to acquaint ourselves with some of the new shops. A comment on a friends ace leather jacket led me to City Revival, a huge and wonderful use clothing store that is like a recycling Holts or Creeds!

The clothing there is very chic and recycled out of Toronto and a good place to keep your eye on as they get in shipments of designer clothing, often. They have been there for seventeen years! (where was I?).

After my friend purchased a great Alan Cherry raincoat we moved on to the book store down the street which also joins onto a coffee shop and while getting coffees to sip on the next leg of our drive to the beach a woman called my name, we had said hi in City Revival but now we realized we knew each other..... this was a woman who was deep into machine knitting and sold me one of my favourite machine from her old business in the County, years ago!!!! It was so great to rediscover each other.... and she did look very smart from working in and hanging around the shop.

Carol told me that they have had my sweaters through their store, they go for high prices (still) and don't last a week!!! I didn't know how to take that but then realized I was flattered that my work lives on, is making money.... (for someone), and sharing fashion wealth.

How cool is that? It'll be when I see them in Value Village at $20 that I'll worry!!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Validating Knitting

Image from the site "A Good Yarn: Knitting Blogs"

I don't read much with my eyes, waaaaay to tired when I get to bed and am usually working on a web site, blog or email when I finally nestle against my pillows. I usually 'read' my literature through my ears via my iPod ..... with my eyes closed. However I just finished a lovely book which I'm sure most of you have already read.... The Friday Night Knitting Club.

Unlike the Debbie McComber stories which round up nicely at the end this one had me in tears.... though it did end nicely, but in my sometime search for why I do what I do I want to quote this paragraph:

Does this skill have validity for the modern woman?
There is tremendous power when women hold on to - or reclaim, in the case o many young women today - the traditional skills of women who went before us. In the developed world, knitting is at once a reminder and a connection to the struggles of our collective past, when warm clothing was a necessity that could only be made by hand, and a joyous celebration of the ingenuity and creativity of our mothers and grandmothers."

The book also has a pattern for a scarf made by one of the characters and a recipe for muffins made by another.

I usually pass books on but I wrote my name in it and will hang onto it for a bit.... at least until I've tried the scarf and the muffins!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sheepdog Trials

So much has been going on since the Gallery Show but one thing that I have done for the past few years is the local Sheepdog Trials run by Amanda Milliken. It's at Grasscreek Park where the
McLauchlin Woodworking Museum is located.

I didn't get to park my display next to my friends Ann Woodall from Wool Tyme or Jane Thellwell from Anglin Bay Pottery but at the other end of the tent next to where the Sheep to Shawl event would be held on the Saturday. It is always fun each year to watch as the women grab their chosen fleece, comb, card, spin then weave it into a shawl which is later judged. The have four and a half hours to do it all. To women I know were on the Kingston team so I was rooting for them.

got to peruse the fleeces as they lay in the sun awaiting the start of the competition, there were two light ones and I think three dark ones, beautiful and full of lanolin.

The looms are already set up with their warp, the Kingston Weavers, and my old supplier Roberta McKinnon, had a warp of green gradient. Starting with a lovely very pale green and on to a darker version of the same shade of green. The shawls are to be at least 72" long so there's lots of room for that sort of variety.

It proceeds with the team members picking twigs and dirt out of lumps of fleece that they are going to comb and card, then spin. The reels of spun yarn are quickly passed to the weaver who puts them into her shuttle and courses ahead.

I got to go around and see how they were getting on and also what kind of pattern they had set up.... unfortunately I didn't take photos of the finished shawls!

The ends of the warp are worked into tassels or fringes to finish off the shawl and then they are judged. The Kingston Weavers took second out of the four.

It was only after this three day event that I felt my Summer started... but much work to be done and many orders still to fill before I head to Inspiration 08 in Cleveland and then to Britain with my sister, accompanying my parents to help them celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary.

I've been to the beach once, in a swimming pool once and now it's cool weather!!!! Anyway, I'm exhausted from all that has gone on this Summer so far. But I did get to go to Bead 'n' Bitch held
by Lindsey Fair who beads with beach glass that she collects. The evening involved four other women.. and some wine! Lindsey started out by asking us to identify ourselves and tell our passion and our bitch!

I made a necklace with three strands of tiger wire choosing from Lindsey's collection of beads. I'm not a necklace person but I've worn this one so much since I made it. There will be more classes, I want to learn how to wind wire around stones and glass.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Curating Debut.

Andrea, Me, Jannis, Ann, Sandra & Rachel (missing: Rebecca)

Wednesday evening was my debut as a gallery show curator. I was so nervous but thrilled to pull together five women artists over the past few months to show our individual work in a show I call 'Women's Work'.

The work represents both their work which, of course, is women's (art)work and the work of women in what these pieces represent. Andrea Graham is a Kingston Feltmaker who is showing three pieces representing the womb, also a small felted child's dress with different pinned on labels (like 'bad girl') entitled 'Prophecy' .... which sold!.

My great friend Jannis who busily designs and sells very unique and attractive clothing made
three coats of wonderful fabrics interspersed with pictures on cloth of women from around the world working and some sage words on other panels. They are wonderful.

Another woman of whom I am fond is
Ann Henshaw (who will have a web site when I build it for her) who I have know as a movie costume designer who now has her own great artwork. Small costumes of 'threads and beads', colourful and framed. She is a delight to talk with and hear her stories about life behind the scenes creating clothes, cloth, adornment for the movies.

Rebecca Soudant is a local teacher and artist who used screen printing and block printing to make statements on clothes which she either has made or picks up at
Goodwill (her three wedding dresses). I've admired her work and the mind behind it. Her work for this show consists of three dresses, printed with messages about the plight of our native peoples and print blocks of land maps which can be purchased but left with the artist as ownership but not tearing land apart.

I did three knits and when we were putting them on display my friend Sandy whose gallery it is
said I must embellish my third one (as then not decorated or finished) with stones. She proceeded to give me amethysts, peridots, labradorite beads to mount on silver wire and sew onto my jacket. Standing there musing I mumbled something about if it were all in white I could embellish it in peals....well we did it!

I went home to see if I could order white mercerized cotton from Pat at Car
diknits but none in stock and it would take too long for it to come from England. Next resource was Silk City in New Jersey for soft Merino wool. Yarn arrived Monday, I had a nearly finished 'Wedding Jacket' for our opening last night.... I had a lot of freshwater pearls and quarts beads sewn on but finished with more today. I love it!

It's funny to have your parents and your sis show up like at a science fair or school play when you were a kid. But this is as a full grown adult, so glad they were around for this. Also my Dad and my sis Judith (or Judi as she is known) took these photos.

Sandy was a great host for our reception along with Rachel her indispensable side kick.

Thanks ladies... all of you.

Found! Lost Latchhook.

A while back I wrote about polymer clay and tool handle making. I think there was an article in Knitwords about same so I had to add my two cents worth.

A few years ago I taught Button Making at the Cardiknits seminar and make a latch tool which I had made out of a broken knitting machine needle. I had two full classes and a very busy day with clay and tools flying everywhere and while packing up all my stuff I tried to retrieve and inventory everything.

Unfortunately my lovely latch hook was nowhere to be found and I tore that classroom apart. I couldn't believe that someone might have decided to take it home! Knitters are just too honest and supportive. I got Pat (organiser) to follow up at the school to see if anyone had found it later and turned it such luck. I was upset as I missed it, I just liked the colours that embellished it.

Ho hum.....

A few weeks ago, my friend Sonja (the one who knits the tiny wire sweaters) called me up and told me she had been going through her stash and dug out her polymer clay kit. She had taken the button making class years ago but pc was not her usual forte. She was fondly remembering that class when we didn't really know each other very well when she came across a strange tool that she knew she hadn't made..... a latch tool with a fun handle. She remembered I had spoken about losing my first one and let me know it was found... years later!

Here is a pic of my two tools, the first one (bottom) and it's replacement.

It was just one of those things that make your day!!

Monday, July 07, 2008

Sticktoitiveness Big Time!

~My Dad~

Just a quickie to celebrate my Dad's 60th anniversary as a doctor. He's still going strong at 83 with four days a week at his office helping people with Hypnotherapy.

Dr. Edgar A. Barnett went into this about thirty years ago full time after a lifetime of fascination with Mesmer, hypnosis etc and the mind's connection to the physical body. He has helped many people including the police.

Who among us chose our career at 23 and have put in six decades and on two continents. I'm into the second half of my third decade and can only hope to be going strong learning anew, experimenting and being productive a few more decades down the road!

Keep on truckin'!

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Fanfayr 08

Another Summer show over, barreling towards the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition in Toronto in a week... I'm in Booth 539 Turquoise Doing a show on home turf is nice, sleeping in your own bed, having friends to stay and staying up late talking of all sorts of things that you never get a chance to because you're working so hard and live to far away. My friend Jannis nearly nodded off into her dinner but said she was having so much fun just doing nothing that though she should go to bed she didn't want to! My husband who was playing a gig with his band came home and was in bed before we moved!!!

Margi, Jannis, Gordon, Johnathan,
Susan, Georgia, Ron & Patti, me.

This is a pic of us on beer and pizza night when instead of each of
us heading to various restaurants we come back to our place and eat. Johnathan and his son Gordon (down the end of the table) pick up the pizza's from Bubba's and we each contribute wine, salads and whatever else is left over in our coolers from the day.

A lovely woman , Susan, who I met years ago from Syracuse usually comes up with her sweet doggy Tess, on pack up day and hangs out and helps us pack. We're not very social then but this year she came up on pizza night so I was able to invite her back to join in. I was so pleased I could.

We had rain to contend with all weekend but it just shortened our days, didn't put the total
kibosh on any of the days. I finally seem to be building up my stock and though I have a better selection I took mostly orders anyway!

Well, still can't move very fast on my foot so I took out my bike and have been cycling. I biked downtown on Canada Day to sit with my parents in Confederation Park and listen to music. Then went biking yesterday morning for exercise as I can't power walk for a while.

I found out today I can drive so I'm not dependent on DH for getting out. Stitches out tomorrow. Don't know when I can start wearing my right shoes again but it will probably be my pink Crocs first!

.... gotta go knit!