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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Playing with Colour

I had client revisit me today for another cardi. This lovely lady has brought me something to work with before (a houndstooth fabric) and this time it is a piece of jewelry (pictured). It's a piece of art glass as a neck piece with the most iridescent colours of glass overlay.

The pendant shimmers and changes colour like taffeta, the photo just doesn't do it justice, so I pulled some cones off the shelves and even one that my client wasn't sure of, but it completed the grouping. I'm looking forward to putting them together.

Also my client came in looking for a black with colour...... then after chatting and looking at colours she decided to go with a colour for the main body of the garment and the black will be incorporated into it with the colours. Wheeeee!

As well as this bright spot in my day, this lady is also a breast cancer survivor! We exchanged our stories, which is always encouraging for me as I got through this. She told me that I would get my real hair back eventually ..... good, 'cause I've a closet full of bottles of 'stuff' for curly hair!!!

No appt with my surgeon yet so I still have no idea when I'll have surgery. Better go and call the office.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Button, Button, Who's Got the Button.

What a hoot! While rifling thought the hall closet looking for a sweater for my Mum to wear I found a lovely green striped one I had made her ages ago. On it there was a pin of some sort, it was an old pin from the Festival of Canadian Fashion in which I participated waaaay back in the '80's with a friend who also made clothing. I'll have to dig up a pic of us... I've got one somewhere, my designs then look dorky compared to styles today!!!

It was at this show that I switched to a brochure rather than a card as it had more info and was more likely to be kept by a potential client.

This a pic of my new yarn tree at work. I got it from a local machine knitter who was making the switch to quilting and selling off all her stuff, this was on the front porch and I just had to have it.... wasn't sure why at the time as I seem to have no more floor room in my studio. I'll have to start hanging things from the ceiling! Anyway, it's been perfect for when I knit multicoloured garments as pictured here. I used to just gather them on what little floor space I had left around my machine.

When I'm choosing the yarn to be used in a new piece of work I can now put them on the tree instead of the floor, sewing table or ironing board!

On the BC front, no surgery scheduled yet but I'm dying for my double mastectomy (..well not really!) and my new boobs but this is going to be another year's work, along with Herceptin until September, starting Tamoxafen and growing my hair back. As I've got through my chemo I look at the surgery as a breeze!

I no longer have to do eyebrows as I now have enough and I have brand new but really short as yet, eyelashes.. yeah!

Strangely enough the hair on my head is STRAIGHT!!!! My other half says wait but I see no bend in it whatsoever so far

Moral of this story: be careful what you wish for (that straight, blond streaked hair I kept talking about!!!).

Thursday, February 07, 2008