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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Post Show Post

This is the only place were putting on weight is a good thing!
Rosemary J. at her knitting machine

Just back from the first show of the season, the One of a Kind Show in Toronto, and it was a great weekend to feel back in the swing. The show was early as it was set on the early Easter weekend, still quite cold and snow still on the ground. For me it was really good to see and spend some time with friends and colleagues, catching up on absent friends and what had happened over the Winter.

We arrived late having left home late, I used to sweat it but now we've learned that arriving late everyone else has already set up, they've lined up in their vans, driven in and unloaded. We got to drive straight in and unload without any wait or lining up!

You can see that I 'borrowed' back Shawna's wedding dress to display, it got many ooh's and aah's.

Though I didn't put anything in the fashion show this year (trying to have less stress) my friend Joey Schooley (model and presenter) wore one of my cotton cardis to commentated the fashion show, from my booth I could hear her giving out my booth number and promoting my knits. Then I'd have a clutch of ladies coming into my booth, trying things on. I didn't' think I had enough stock but thought I didn't do as much business as some years (the economy comes to mind) I was happy. I don't have too many orders so I have space to take orders at the Ottawa show Originals, which comes up April 17th to 20th.

Of course being Easter there was a bunny and a kiddie fashion show so Joey had to dress the part. I still don't know where she got the hat, but I had to have a 'go' under it..... needs more hair!

Of course being stylish in my business is soooo important.
I do have a jacket that has one or two feathers on it but a bit more subtle!

We didn't do too badly though I got the shoes right. This is Joey (green jeans) and my red boots which got on South street in a store I swear ladies of the evening shopped!

We're wondering why they make us stay until 10 pm some nights, oh the agony of da feet...

However this year because of Easter and being open Monday the show closed early on Sunday and my staff (my other half) and I went to see 'Atonement' (what a gorgeous green silk dress) the Bloor movie theatre had no heat so we watched in coats hats and gloves.

in the morning and collapsing into bed when we got back .... except for Sunday night when One of the high points of doing the show this year was staying at my friend Jannis's place in the Distillery District of the Toronto (such a neat area). This involved plenty running around in jammies getting readyJannis and I stayed up doing computer stuff, looking at books and sites and just generally doing like a sleepover. I took movie popcorn back as she didn't want to go but asked me to bring some back .... popcorn and wine?

Well, we got through it, we now miss each other and I do look forward to seeing everyone at anther show. I get to have Jannis stay with me for Fanfayr here in the Summer. Also I have another friend Susan Watson Ellis of Paradigm jewelry stay with us when she is in Kingston teaching.

I want to thank everyone who gave me hugs and good wishes and thoughts and shared with me their own BC story.

The one relaxed meal we got to eat was in a Mexican place on Bloor but though I cannot remember the name the cider and quesadillas were great. This picture I took when I went to the washroom .... knitting truly is everywhere!!!

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