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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

More From Up the Garden Path.

At Balleycanoe - Toronto Skyline in Folkart

Today I got a response to yesterday's post about my favourite spots on the Up the Garden Path studio and garden tour.

My old friend John Marr of 'Canadian Roadflix' sent me a link to a piece he had done a couple of years ago on Balleycanoe. It actually showed me more than I had seen when I visited on the Grand Tour (where the artisans get to visit each others studios).

Click here and take a look... enjoy!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Well, the Up the Garden Path studio and garden tour is over, and I thoroughly enjoyed my time parked on my friend Margot's front lawn. This weekend the weather was beautiful, warm and sunny unlike the rainy weekend we had for the Victoria Day weekend. That weekend I was hanging up my sweaters with frozen fingers, this weekend I did it in a tank top!

On the Friday between the two tour weekend we had the Grand Tour where most of the artisans went around in our cars visiting the different locations. I shot the first movie at a wonderful garden, the movie doesn't do it justice, we just wallowed in colour, flowers, blossoms.

The next clip was taken at Ballycanoe Co. where John Sorensen and Penny Gorman ply their trade in vintage and 19th century salvage. Beautiful found objects, some of which Penny turns into objets d'art. You know when you see an old building being torn down and along with the dust and old lead pipes goes the gingerbread, the wonderful pillars from the front porch, the wrought iron gate and fence? Well John grabs them and makes them available to those of us who want to put them on our houses or in our gardens.

The good weather gave Margot and me a chance to photograph some of our newest work in nice light against the backdrop of her 'Summerhouse' between visitors and shoppers.

Well, now back to a dreary day, tons of work and hours in the studio filling orders and making new work for the next show which is Fanfayr in Kingston.

Monday, May 19, 2008

'Up the Garden Path' and then some...

Well, I was going to write about something I'm sure a few days ago but cannot remember what, I've been so busy getting ready for the studio tour this weekend. Well, I do know that I couldn't resist picking up my camera and taking a pic of our cat sleeping on the 'sheep' mat I have in my studio. Now that the weather is better I keep my studio door open and he wanders up the stairs and finds a place to crash for a while. I know... aaaaw!

The studio tour in question is the
'Up the Garden Path' studio and garden tour held along the St Lawrence River in the Thousand Islands. I'm the guest of my friend Margot Miller. She lives in Rockport and next to her little 'cottage' of a house is her shop the Summerhouse. Her house was called Hydrangea Cottage long before she acquired it, I just found out today, and it is surrounded by Hydrangea bushes and lilacs.

Here is a shot taken from the house across the road of Margot's house with my tent set up in front and to the right is the Summerhouse shop, where she sells her hand painted linen wear, furniture
and table wear. There huge lilac bushes in front of each building.

Margot also teaches all manner of classes (when I get the blasted site uploaded properly you can check it out!). Here's my tent and then shot of the Summerhouse. This was yesterday morning.....before the rain set in and it got cold!!! It did the same today... we're hoping for a better
day tomorrow.
....and it's on next weekend too!

Meanwhile, last weekend was the Breast Cancer Action Kingston walk and I had such a great
time. I went by myself and ran into all sorts or women I've met over the past year. This time last year I was three days out of my first lumpectomy and it was a very difficult time. My surgeon's nurse said that if she could she would roll the clock forward a year so I could look back and see how fast it went. Well, here I am and it really did!

Look at all these great folk who shaved their heads to raise funds for research at Queen's U.

Not done yet, however, I'm looking at a double mastectomy, new 'girls' all picked out, just waiting for a date. As I'm back into the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition it will have to be after that i
n July (I'm hoping) it means a month away from the knitting machine!!!!!!!!


Monday, May 05, 2008

Knitting Muse

How sweet is this? While mooching around the Buxton Village Books in the Outer Banks NC last week I found this Knitting Muse. They had a large one but after last year I'm on a tight budget so when I found this one in a card I had to have her. She's made of metal, wire and beads with a ribbon around her waist. I'll hang her somewhere in my studio.
She's one of Laini's Ladies but they had other 'muses' too.

Also while there I, of course, went to the neighbourhood Bead Shop and as well as restringing a couple of bracelets, making a new one of some stones I had been given by my lovely friend Rose I picked up some beads for my sweaters. A bag of 'Bead Soup' (my husband asked where they floor sweepings) has offered up some lovely ones too, sometimes bags of beads really don't have much in that I want, like too many plastic beads, but these were glass and metal.

....and now back to work! Whew! Why are vacations so short!