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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Beach Studio Tour Display

I just thought I had better put this little bit of business online, that the Beach Studio Tour that I founded back in 1994 has invited some of the original artists to have some of their current work displayed in the Beach prior to this Fall's tour. DeClute real estate offices 2241 Queen St E – just West of Hammersmith and E of Wineva, south side of Queen Street is the location for those interested.

I'm displaying 'Chatelaine' from the gallery show 'Women's Work' that took place this past Summer.


Also, upcoming, is the Kingston studio tour called the Town & Country Studio Tour, October 18th & 19th. I won't be having my Friday soiree this year as I've been very busy trying to wade through my orders of which I still have many to complete. I"m not complaining but I have Fall shows to prepare for!

Something that is making work easier to get through is the good news that my recent mammogram, my first in over two years due to my diagnosis and treatment, showed clear results!!!!! Yeah! I'm so relieved though never 100% sure. I guess only time will tell that. I have an MRI scheduled for November and after discussions with the docs perhaps I can put of that double mastectomy... at least so I can catch up financially to take the time off.

Another great surprise is that I was called about teaching a course at Haliburton next Summer, yes, machine knitting for a week, it will be July 27th to 31st so anyone interested do look out for the catalogue which usually comes out late in the year or early in the new year and come spend a week getting steeped in machine knitting in a beautiful part of Ontario!

....sooooo, back to work!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Family Stuff

Long time since I have posted here. I'm currently in Britain's North with my parents on their 60th wedding anniversary trip, long awaited and can't believe we're here. Surrounded by cousins who are no longer the little kids I had to play with when young (I'm the eldest) they are great middle aged adults we've grown even closer to.

Staying in Newcastle upon Tyne we spent our first day wandering along the quayside where there is a Sunday market, then going over the river on the Gateshead Millenium Bridge and back again to watch it open. This photo is of my Mum and a pile of rellies on the south side of the bridge, that's the Tyne Bridge in the background.

Today we ventured out into the country to a wonderful little town called Rothbury where my favourite Aunt lives. Dad had tried and tried to get hold of her to no avail and since he had called her from Canada and she knew we were coming we were very worried. She was my Mother's best friend and her bridesmaid 60 years ago. So we thought... let's just go and find out. Well, as you can see by this photo she had been flooded by the river behind where she lives, lots of flooding last weekend, and this is all her ground floor furniture that she couldn't get upstairs put out for the tip! The water was in her house three feet deep and it will be six to nine months before she will be able to move back in. She's 83 and amazing! It was so great to see her after so long, this photo is her telling my Dad where we might eat while she had to wait for the bloke who was going to come to tell her whether her floor needed ripping out! Fortunately she had parked her car up the hill so it was ok.

Though we were going to try a pub, of which there were three, Dad found a wonderful tea room, a little like the one in he movie 'Withnail and I'. Quite tiny but with great food. We had lemonade and 'jacket potatoes' with cheese and beans (baked) scrummy!!! Hit the spot on a rainy British Tuesday. Here's my Mum showing off all the beautiful flower boxes that we saw everywhere.

Weather being mild we strolled through the little town soaking up the history, narrow lanes and old stone houses.

This is a stone bridge where we stopped to look at the river that had overflowed it's banks and flooded out so many houses. A very busy place as it happens. A bus went by, some hikers, a fisherman by the bank and several cars. Looking off the bridge we could see all sorts of stuff in the trees that had caught there during the flooding.

Well, I must get some sleep as we're off to Durham tomorrow to see the castle and cathedral and the University from which my Dad got his MBBS. (MD in North America.)

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Yard Sale(s)

I had to give up going to Cleveland for Inspiration '08, the machine knitting seminar there as I'm off to England with my parents in five days! Though I really missed the weekend with my friends, getting together with other machine knitters and getting inspired and learning new things from people like Iris Bishop I got to be home for the 2nd annual Portsmouth Village Yard Sale.

We dearly hoped that the rain that was forecast would hold off.... well, it didn't happen and though it was overcast it was a lovely mild day. We were unaware that Linda up the road had costumy things but as you can see here, Jim from across from Linda made this stunning investment. Well, I hope he got a deal as there seems to me no head! Now Jim can say he left his wallet in his 'udder' suit!

This appears to be Jim and a like minded friend.......

We all had a great day and afterwards went around the corner to the Portsmouth Tavern or The Ports as it is commonly known by most neighbours and Queen's undergrads, for lunch. They had 10% off as a Yard Sale Special!

.....meanwhile some people (Ricardo) didn't get too involved and thought they would find a convenient laptop case and sleep this one out...too many dogs!!

Well, I do love yard sales and hanging out in the driveway chatting with all sorts of people but as it didn't make us independently wealthy..... back to the knitting machine!