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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Mary Diamond Butts Scholarship!

I'm so excited about this recent event, it is my first 'award', well a scholarship really, in my twenty seven years! I did get honourable mention Fibre at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition my second year there with a small check and a large glass of wine, but this one was got for me through applications. My friend and colleague Lindsey Fair has made herself grant app writer and for a small fee will apply for grants and such for we waaaay too busy artisans. She is an artisan herself and a mother but she squeezes this in.
Anyway the Mary Diamond Butts scholarship for Embroidery and Needlearts was awarded to me this year by the Ontario Crafts Council and I went to Toronto with another recipient, Andrea Graham, felter, to receive it after the OCC AGM at the Gladstone Hotel.
We had a great trip there and back, chatting all the way!! Felt very special as we walked along Queen Street back to the OCC Gallery for the official opening of the Award Winners Exhibition.

Here are a couple of photos of me with my gallery piece 'Long Lac' and both of us with Andrea's
piece. I don't know how she makes these vessels and shapes of wet felt..... I will learn a little though when I take my instruction with her using my (small) scholarship. I'm looking forward to incorporating more felt work into my designs. Up to now I've 'fulled' knitted pieces as collars and pockets.

As they say.... watch this space...

Here is my Long Lac which I have on display at the Ontario Crafts Council Gallery until July 11th.
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