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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Halibuton... cont'd...

Andrea's Jacket

I'm overdue in posting these pictures of Andrea Orpana (my intermediate student) and her wonderful jacket made in my Haliburton class.

Jacket Back

She spent a lot of time afterwards finishing her beautiful creation. One thing I want Andrea and other machine knitters to become comfortable with is working in the loose ends of yarn as you go as much as you can. It becomes second nature, very neat and saves hours working them in with a sewing needle while assembling your garment.

Lots of threads.

Sleeve Added

Band detail

Well, the residual effects of my week at the Haliburton School for The Arts endure. First, in helping one of my students master, or at least tackle, the Passap Duomatic 80 knitting machine I learned more about it myself.

I had worked with a studio student on one years ago but still did not know my way around the way I do Japanese machines..... I have a better understanding (after h
elping her cast on a squillion times) of the beds and 'locks'. Unfortunately, mine is a Pink Passap and has a different threading and a tension mast that I need a Marsian to translate!!!! I took pictures to send back and forth to Peter Smith of 'Sew Knit Serge' in Toronto to help me and so far he's doing a grand job. What I really need is a manual for the Passap Duomatic PINK. I don't think one exists and the Duomatic 80 manual doesn't give the right set up.

Scraping the old cruddy sponge out of a sponge bar.

One thing we had to do was fix sponge bars as the newbies had machines they had not used and of course the sponge bars had never been removed (to preserve them). I found this great blog with a lot of info on it. 'Knittsings' has blow by blow instructions 'how to' fix your sponge bar. I have about four that I'll spend an afternoon reviving. They're not that expensive but it seems a shame to have a collection of metal strips that used to be sponge bars!!
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