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Monday, November 23, 2009

All in a Day's Work

Well after an evening of felting then a day or claying I'm worn out and still two days to  go until the show. This is a detail of the back of the collar I made, this is the centre back that you'd see if you were standing behind the wearer.

Here is the set laid out on my work table where I left it overnight to dry after tugging it into shape. It's going to be a shawl collar and the little bits are for side seam decoration for small pleats/gathers in the side by the waist. I've got it pinned just now but haven't had a chance to sew them on. Look good though.  Rather a folk art look which I really like, I just see how it's all going to turn out, with a little control.... I'm still really new at this but love doing it. I learn as I go that I've put some yarn in that won't completely felt so I have to put a little roving over it to hold it to the main body of the work.

As I took the polymer clay work I did today out of the oven and picked up the cooled Sweater Sticks I thought they made a lovely bouquet!  I do love making these and wearing them too. I've made three jackets with sweater sticks instead of buttons.
Here's a pic of the day's work, the sweater sticks on their show cards plus some buttons and my little decorations for the Clay Amies swap... not done that before and they're not great but it's a start.

My  Clay Amies swap effort

Well, I've started a new sweater in red and navy stripe. New colours for me as I usually don't like blue unless it's Periwinkle!  Buttons made, finish it tomorrow... then there's brochures, packing,  etc, etc...

Friday, November 20, 2009

Workshop News! 2010

As I knit my way towards the One of a Kind show and Sale ~ in Toronto this year, first five days ~ the phone it library telling me I haven't returned a book on CD (they found it eventually), a bill I've overlooked or good news?

Great news, I'm back teaching another week at Haliburton Summer School for the Arts next Summer.  It'll be another great week of Machine Knitting and I'm so glad to be going back to the Highlands.

Last year I spent the first two days dealing with sponge bars that had breathed their last breaths long since!!!  Now that I've revived eight sponge bars in my own studio on my machines.... I'm prepared. It's easy to do and this time I'll have everyone prepared beforehand and we'll be away to the races!

Machine Knitting at Haliburton School for the Arts 
August 9th - 13th 2010

Looking forward to seeing old and new faces.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Show Time and Felted Collars

It's two days until the Maker's Hand show in Picton starts, it's three days long with Friday being 10am  to 8pm. That means leaving home (at least I get to sleep in my own bed) at 8:30am and getting back about 9:30pm. If we can catch the right ferry coming home it's fewer miles and a shorter drive.... otherwise it's the highway.

Anyway, here are pictures of my first felting efforts for collars, this one I've put on a grey knit jacket and I've made buttons that go with it. I still want to make some embellishments for the cuffs, but I'm knitting the body for the other collar .... a black base.  Here I've done the fancy stuff on the ends as that is the part of the collar that will show close to the face.

 The back with detail on the centre which will show at the back of the neck.

It was interesting remembering to put the back neck embellishment down first then putting the prefelt on top.


This is the darker collar looking at the front (face side).

The back of the darker collar.

The buttons are made for this too, so as soon as I get the body knitted it's a 'go'!  Then I want to do some more felted pieces for the One of a Kind show that starts November 26th....Aaaaarrrgh!!!

Photos of the garments to come... now back to the knitting machine......!