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Friday, February 26, 2010

Handknit Baby Outfits - Remember?


 This little one I was knitting this one while I was at the One of a Kind Christmas in Toronto  (...trying to avoid US economy!) trying to get it done in time for my stepdaughter's Toronto baby shower.  It was the Yoda coat and a little hat and some booties worked from some wonderful Merino wool....well.....

The intended 'victim' of more of my hand knitting was born February 16th weighing in at nine pounds...poor Mum. We got to go down to TO to meet our newest family member last Sunday when he was five days old.  His Mum had dressed him in the little outfit and the hat that I thought was going to be too small turns out to be the onlyone that fits him just now...all his other ones are a bit big.  Judging by his eating habits, though, he'll be wearing them soon and growing out of Nana's Knit. 

Here are two more 'victims' of my knitting, husband Clint in a sweater I knit out of Knit One a couple of years ago and which he has worn to death, his daughter who received a couple of my machine knits when she was a kid, and also the coveted Noro shawl, and last but not least Eli, our grandson. Three generations!

For a nine pounder he seems so slim and small but he's really tall....22" that explains it.
I forgot to 'eat his feet'! I did that with my younger niece when she was one day old, snuggling with her and sucking on a tiny foot....seems there's nothing so perfect.
As he gets older I'll run some fun things up for him on the knitting machine as I did for my first niece.



Lindsey Fair said...

so adorable!

Andrea Graham- Feltmaker said...


Ginga Squid said...

So tiny!

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