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Friday, July 30, 2010

Tutorial DVD...My First

 For Machine Knitters

Well, this has been too long coming, I shot the stills about 18 months ago and Dad and I shot the video last Summer. I took a while to get it edited then the push was on for the end of April when I was demoing in Purls of Joy in Minneapolis and in Cardiknits Academy in Hamilton.  Sold lot of them and hope to see more neat buttonholes around.

 Stitch arrangement and division.

Here are a couple of shots of the stills from the DVD. I walk you through a jacket right front from hem hanging to neck edge.... detailing the facing and buttonholes which can be altered by number of rows for different size buttons.


No ribbing involved as I haven't done ribbed edges or fronts for more than a decade. It's a little trickier if you are working with an all over pattern as you have to reset a couple of time for each hole, or if you are dealing with a bust dart as your math has to divide the extra rows at the front between the holes.

I've got it listed on my Etsy Shop site so it's easy to order at $25 USD.

Happy Knitting

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Fashion Finds... Sort Of

Bridesmaid Dress 1974

Where do I start? That's what my Dad, my sister and I said when we started to clear out my Mother's closets. So far Value Village has benefitted by nine bags!!!!!

One of the finds was my sister's bridesmaid's dress from my first wedding waaaay back in the seventies (yes I'm old and on my second husband!) It's sooo tiny, I couldn't get it done up on my size 10 form for the photograph. It's all synthetic but with cotton lace trim.

Here is a sweater my that either I made or Mum or she bought from me at a show, she used to do that and has a collection that I'm taking back into the studio as I find them. This is my Ski sweater look from the late '80's I think, I knit the the ribbing on the hem as a long strip, sewed it on and joined it with the red buttons at the hip.

Then there was this number, I think Mum wore it as a house dress but it might have been a regular dress, I remember her wearing it a lot, the buttons are gone and have been replaced with a few odd ones, I love the full skirt and three quarter length sleeves, it's really fitted and is all cotton print. There's no label.

Horrockses Evening Gown

The one that's really got me all excited it this cotton evening dress with the wide band around the bust fastening with  big bow at the back. Mum has taken the full tulle underskirt out, I guess to make it hang closer to the legs than it was meant back in the 1950's. It still has an underskirt with tulle around the bottom.

I Googled Horrockses and found sooooo much history. The V&A museum in London did a vintage dress exhibit a year or so ago and Horrockses frocks were in that, then I found that the Fashion & Textile Museum in London is opening a Horrockses exhibition in London tomorrow, lasting until October of this year!!! I'm madly buying lottery tickets for a chance to visit.

I met a man (who was actually bringing and amp for my husband to work on) who said he worked at Horrockses cotton mill back in the early '70's, they used to make glazed cottons for frocks and make the 'glazes'. Follow the link for Harris Art  Gallery & Museum  three lovely little films on the industrial revolution involving the cotton industry. I had heard of a spinning Jenny but not a spinning Mule!


Here is a photo of Mum taken at her 90th birthday party last December in one of the cardigans I have made her, she looked lovely in this one.... must go find it.

Off for more clearing this weekend, who knows what we'll turn up!