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Thursday, November 04, 2010

A Pressing Issue

I know this sounds so silly but I have a new iron....... yeah, big whoop! Well, It's special and I found it (well my husband found it) at a store that sells stuff remaindered from stores such as Sears. He knew my older TFal was giving me a hard time not steaming when I needed for my knitting and brought home another one from Outlet Inc here in Kingston. It didn't work and he checked it and found it was (long electrical story) dead. He said 'come with me and look' which I did and found this  CORDLESS iron!!!!

It's made by Panasonic and the reason I glommed onto it is because when I was teaching in Minneapolis in April I someone supplied me with what I thought was a toaster..... it turned out to be a cordless iron from Maytag.   (Mary, do you remember that?)  

It has this cute clear plastic oven (so unlike the Maytag you can see it's not a toaster!) and a stand. The stand plugs in  - can you see the retractable cord? and the iron sits in it and you click the button from off through warm to hot.

It is handy if you are steaming (it vertical steams) or ironing in a strange place.... like something that is in situ and cannot be taken to the ironing board (as was the case when I was teaching.)

Also, it is still available (check out Panasonic) at $99 but I got it for a third of that!!!

I'm now overstocked with irons and knitting machines!!!!


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