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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

More Garter Carriage.

Garter Carriage Hem Edge

More working on the garter carriage, this us the hem edge of a new jacket. I haven't uploaded it to my web site yet as I haven't made the buttons....maybe in a day or so so I can photograph the jackets I've made when the sun is shining.  The jackets I am making are mostly from Yeoman Cannele which works beautifully on the GC.

It's just so much fun but I do have to check for dropped stitches and my GC tends to mess up the right hand side and I haven't worked that out yet. My GC is an 89 made for the punchcard Brother but I got a pair of magnets to pop into the back that make it work on a Brother electronic. I got them (and Dekker combs and other stuff) from  Stickmaschinen. Ruediger Onken ships quickly and responds very quickly to emails. Sometimes he can be a lifesaver for bits and pieces....but you do pay. Also he takes PayPal.

Different Yarn Twists...!

Here is a problem I encountered two days ago, while working with Yeoman Cannele Mercerized cotton, (from Cardiknits), which made me behind by nearly a day on this particular jacket. As I knit I found the cone had knots periodically and a twist change along with it. EEEEEEEK! I had to undo a whole sleeve, I thought it was OK as I knit but found when I took it off the machine the lower 40 rows were in this thinner twist. In the above photo the regular thickness is on the left and the thinner twist, that you can see through, is on the right. I saved the off windings for something else, maybe a scarf.

I had three cones but two cones had this problem and I had to wind off until I came to another knot where the yarn went back to it's thickness again! Well, I love this yarn and this colour (Ardois), a dusty mauve, and it happens rarely. I've been using it for years and I think it's happened twice or three times which isn't bad. I was always taught that quality yarn has no knots but I think sometimes the control slips a bit.

I get my Cannele from Pat at Cardiknits in Hamilton and she's great for selection and importing it and sending it out. Pat's is where I took a one day workshop on the Garter Carriage back in November...a fun day.

Speaking of 'fun days' I had better get back to the studio, the One of a Kind show opens a week today.....!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Garter Carriage Designing

Garter Carriage Hem
Well, I've been enjoying my garter carriage on my Brother knitting machine. I've always wanted one to experiment with the stitches, I love seed and garter stitch on hand knits and wanted to incorporate them into machine knitting. Being a Singer person for more than 25 years it took a while for me to acquire a Brother which is the only machine that has a garter carriage.

The hem pictured above is pattern #547 which I've used a lot, it gives a slight ruffle effect and is repeated on the cuffs and 'V' necked collar. 

The other great thing about the Garter Carriage is that because I use it to knit some parts of my designs recently, it takes a bit of the load off my wrists! My De Quervain's syndrome in both my wrists had eased greatly, especially my left wrist in which I had a cortisone shot, however they flared up this Winter knitting my husband an new pullover...aaarrrgh! But he does look good in it.  I can knit a little less on a garment and so my wrists get some rest and can live to knit more....

The only problem is that it is noisy and I'm in my studio all day with it going and in order to hear the tv or radio I have to wear headphones and earplugs.... it balances out actually as the ear plugs muffle the carriage and if I turn up the stereo volume I can hear dialogue clearly but not loud....whew...what I do to keep myself amused as I knit the boring bits!

Well, back to the studio to work on stock for the Spring shows.

Monday, March 07, 2011

February Workshops

Sweater Sticks in progress.
Whew! What a month. February was a month of workshops. Two machine knitting in my studio which were such fun and two button making, one at Wool Tyme and one with the Kingston Sewing Connection here in town.

Working with cane.

I had such a blast with all the groups, and great munchies with the KSC!!! Such a great space at the Luteran Church basement, thanks, Jan, for inviting me. The 'girls' actually took over the toaster oven and fired their own buttons, yeah!
More student work with the same cane.

Experimenting with marbling.

 A beautiful selection of Shawl Sticks.

My biggest coup, though, was having Kathryn Brenne as one of my mac knitting students at my place, she did really well, then, lo and behold, she showed up in my button making class.

Well, long story short, I am picking up my email this morning having missed them yesterday due to cleaning up the flood in our basement....(little yarn lost) and find a sale of one of my discs and some buttons to a lady who follows Kathryn's blog. I flew to the blog and found her write up on her Kingston experiences....  Kathryn's Fine Sewing blog.

Kathryn's pullover

I lifted the above image from her blog, she chose different colours to work the inside of the hems which peep out. This is from someone who has never used a sewing machine before, though I think the understanding of clothing construction helped, she did a great job of following the pattern we worked up resulting in the lovely waist shaping and asymmetrical hem.

Do go there and see her pics of the buttons she made!!!

Now back to the mire of show prep....One of a Kind Spring in Toronto and Originals in Ottawa.