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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Habu Textiles Trunk Show & New Shoes.

Well, I'm back from my UK trip which was a huge family gathering so no time to explore any yarn shops...even though my cousin had one she wanted to take me time!

On my return, however I received an email from a friend saying she was coming through Kingston on her way to Rose Haven Farm Store in Picton where Habu Textiles was having a trunk show!!! Habu is a Japanese textile company which has a New York office which I and my friend Margot Miller visited on a December 2009 trip. The lovely lady pictured here (I cannot find her name) brought a passel of knits of all manner of wonderfully unusual yarns....Silk/Stainless, Linen Paper, Linen Stainless and more!

 We paid for the privilege of viewing and trying on the samples and also local wines and artisanal cheeses (yum!). downstairs in Linda's workroom we had a fashion show of the samples and good touchy feely session. 

This little jacket was made of two fibres: Paper Moire & Silk...I think, my note taking isn't the best when confronted with fab knits to look at!

This wonderful garment is the 4 armed top with a turtle neck, my friend Sonja, with whom I went, lurved it! The kit is $155 and it's made of Silk & Mohair...

.....just look at the ways it can configure.... 

This little cardigan is Kit #77 made from two yarns... cotton and stainless (the sheer bottom half). The stainless yarns are great as they can be shaped as you wear them... points, ruffles and so on.

Kit 27A. Paper and Stainless Tail Jacket

Habu Kits.... this link will take you to the page of sweater kits.

Sonja in the 4 arm sweater.

Another of our fave knits.  A simple cardigan.

New Shoes
While at the Spring shows I got into a trade with Denis and Catherine of 'Atelier Tout Autre Chose' whose wonderfully colourful shoes have dominated the shows for years. Catherine wanted a sweater and I've always drooled over their shoes. I chose these colours and Denis even built up the last to accomodate my 'bunion' on my left foot. I walked miles in them in the UK, over cobbles and on beaches.

They can be reached at:, 484-839-7319
or write them at 79 rue St Claude, Saint-Romuald, QC G6W 3E2

(I'm trying to talk them into a small web site!)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Busy May.

Self portrait at race start.

Well, what have I been doing the last few weeks?! I registered for Beat Beethoven here in Kingston last Sunday June 5th where there is an 8k run or the 4k walk/run to be completed before the Kingston Symphony complete playing Beethoven's 3rd symphony Eroica. Once or twice I've stood around to listen to them play but mostly I do the walk. Just under 25 minutes this year with a few runs in my walk to speed me up but my knees paid for it the next day....I'll stick to walking. 

Geoff and Family
The gentleman above is my husband's band mate Geoff Hinch with his youngest and the dog. He's a great keyboard player, blues... rock, whatever, good sounds and we've had great fun when they've played at our place. Had to take the pic for my husband who stayed at home on the sofa!!!!

UTGP tent.
 Then there was the Up The Garden Path studio tour along the 1000 Islands. Once again I was located at my friend Margot Miller's lovely 120 year old home in Rockport, and she in her Summerhouse with her hand painted linen. She had done her garden proud, it is, after all a garden/studio tour, and between one or two rain showers the sun shone! Business was brisk on the Victoria Day weekend but a little slow on the Memorial Day weekend. I had taken one of my knitting machines so I could demonstrate and also get some work done.
Summerhouse, Rockport ON
Family Sing Song.
 On the first Sunday I managed to get back into Kingston in time for a family dinner at my Dad's place followed by a sing song. That's my niece Sarah at the keyboard, we called up tunes on my iPad and had the words and chords to have a great time. That's my other niece along with my sis and Dad flexing their vocal chords.

Fabulous Buttons from North Bay.

I haven't posted photos from North Bay... I really didn't take any, waaaay too busy to operate a camera, however I did take a shot of these wonderful buttons created by Rae's sister, so funky. Now a garment needs to be designed around them!

Carolyn & Hilde.
While working away to try to catch up and get in the groove after workshops and shows my friend Jane Thelwell of Anglin Bay Pottery called to see if I wanted to attend the Ontario Crafts Council's event 'Maker Shaker'. She had submitted an item to be silently auctioned off to raise funds. Long story short Jane, Margot Miller and I hopped into my PT and headed down the 401Hwy in the late afternoon. Driving at Jane's idea of normal speed we made it in good  time and were greeted at the door of the club  on a red carpet by a lovely photographer with a paper sticker on his chest that read 'Paparazzi'!

Jane, me and Sonja.

We smiled for the camera and proceeded to have a super evening..wining and munching on gourmet snacks. My friend Sonja was there too so it was even more fun. After it was all over I got to nap in the back of my own car while Jane and Margot shared the driving home. Zzzzzz...

Plaque on Mum's Bench.

Now I'm two days away from flying off to the UK with my whole family to repatriate my Mother's ashes. Mum passed away a year ago today and during her struggle with Alzheimer's used to ask to go home. This evening a bunch of us are heading to the Bench my neighbours had erected on the lake not far from my house, a bottle of white wine (mums fave tipple) and a bit of  celebration.

....then back to work to get some stuff done before I'm off for the week.