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Monday, September 19, 2011

Show time! The Just For Us Originals wearable art show happens this Friday and Saturday, it will be the first show of what I just realized will be a very busy Fall season.

The Just For Us Originals is a wonderful show and I'm glad it's found such a glamorous venue at the Mississauga Living Arts Centre. Those huge windows throw such great natural light on all the artists' work.

Yesterday I was making a new sweater plus lists of what I had to do come Monday, plus working on my new tutorial DVD - Collars - and trying to figure out when my next free weekend would be when I suddenly remembered another show I'm doing in November that I had momentarily forgotten!!!

The Maker's Hand in Picton November 4th, 5th & 6th is a small but special show that I've been a part of since it's second show so I'm looking forward to heading back there.

Meanwhile, I'm trying to get some exercise so I took my bike out instead of walking and went down to the Kingston Market where every Sunday is held the Antique Market, the day was a beautiful, warm early Fall day and it made working in the studio the rest of the day a little easier...especially as I had a knitter friend come by for a bit of a play date! While at the market I bought the book all about the making of The Who's 'Tommy' back in the '90's in New York - I was commissioned to do 36 knits for the Toronto production.  Then I got home to have my husband say 'yes, like the one you already have!' So if anyone want's it ..... it's yours!!!!! (I thought it seemed familiar!!!)

When I get some photos of a couple of new designs I'll post them on my web site (another task...updating and freshening that!) but now I'm going to get a bit of rest as our beloved pussy cat woke us early this morning to pass away, he was elderly and sick so I'm glad he's more comfortable now though we'll miss him so much.

Well, now for a bit of a snooze before I hit the knitting machine and my list of shows in Spring 2012 that I have to start paying for!

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Modern Fuel Gallery - September A.R.T.

1904 Signage on Modern Fuel Gallery

Yesterday was September's Artists Round Table meeting and, thanks to Denise Love of Lovetheworld photography, who volunteers at Modern Fuel Gallery in downtown Kingston, that is where we met. 

 I haven't been to the Modern Fuel for ages and was pleased to see the old building is getting smarter and smarter over the years. When I first moved to Kingston I went to an opening there where I got to chat with Nan Yeomans over a couple of lovely little watercolours she had painted of boats in Hatters Bay (now Portsmouth Olympic Harbour).

We were met and hosted by four of the staff....

Michael Davidge,  Artistic Director
Christine Mockett, Administrative Director
Riva Symko (President)
Jennifer Wakelin (student volunteer)

Christine, Michael, Jennifer & Riva.
The current show which we saw, The Rough Edge of Beauty, which ends this Saturday was very interesting and diverse:  Jessica Marion Barr, Mackenzie Browning, Decomposing Pianos (Owen Fernley and Julia Krolik), Frank DeSa, Rebecca Houston, Maayke Schurer, Su Sheedy, Andrew Sims, and David Woodward. It took me a while to become more familiar with some of the pieces but the became more fascinating as time went on. This is in the main gallery.

The State of Flux Gallery is a small side gallery for the exhibition of art limited to artists from Eastern Ontario. The main part of the gallery is open to exhibition from artists from just about anywhere.

This is not a gallery for sales (unless a viewer is put in touch with the artist) but for exhibitions of various artists’ work. It is funded by the OAC, Canada Council and Kingston Council for the Arts. The shows change every two months. 

They would also like to involve Queen’s art students to have their portfolio’s reviewed.
Modern Fumes is their newsletter to which you can subscribe by becoming a member...

I started going to shows when I first moved to Kingston in 1995 but the gallery has been running since 1977.
Annette, Tina & Denise.

  Nicole asked about the sparseness of the current exhibition and we learned of the fees paid to the participating artists which must fall within their budget...the exhibition was really cool though!

 I’ve always loved the side of the building as I drive along Ontario Street.
"The gallery is currently situated in a heritage limestone building that was constructed in 1848 to house the City of Kingston Gaslight Company. In 1849 George Herchmer Markland sold 1/5 acre to city of Kingston Gaslight Co. which was bought by the city of Kingston in 1904. It is this company that advertised "GAS" as "THE MODERN FUEL" at the turn of the century, a slogan which remains painted to this day on the side of the current building at 21A Queen St. (pictured above); hence the origin of the name, the Modern Fuel Gallery". (taken from the Modern Fuel website).

You can join them on their Facebook page and follow Michael's blog.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Well, a while back I started to put together my knitting notes and some instructions into a book....hmm still working on that, it'll take a while as there's a lot of writing. Then the software I was using announced they had added 'Notebook' to their stable of formats and after taking a look at a few samples I decided I would give it a try.

It really was fun to work at, for a first effort, choosing photos, finding out that the older ones taken with my first digital camera were low resolution and so forth. Learning to use the company's software, which was fun, and taking a couple of webinars. What a great way to share your ideas, work or just to put together all the photos from a project, trip, work, a creative way, as you can keep it private and only order one!

My friend Sally Chupick had also done a book with her wonderful watercolours of Kingston, see hers here 'I Spy A Sailing City'.

Feel free to's all part of the learning, back to knitting!