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Thursday, January 26, 2012

First Finished Felted

Better colour.

 My first effort towards an actual jacket shape using prefelt with silk and rovings. In my last post I had a photo of my first (ever!) dying, it was supposed to be red...but came out an icky pink so I dyed it with blue and finally got something I could live with and also the variation 'splotches I was looking for.

I loaded my stuff into the car and did the work over at my friend Sylvia Naylor's house where she has much more room than I in her basement close to the laundry tub.

Here is my piece (or part thereof....I cut off some bits for 'sleeves') after an afternoon of setting my embellishments and cutting out a shape. I've cut out shoulder shaping and  cut slits for be tweaked later.

I've used bits of left over silk chiffon and some silk georgette, then bits of coloured prefelt and roving. I had absolutely no idea of what I wanted the fabric to look like when I started but just followed the fun I have when I'm making felted collars for my knits.

These are the three pieces  laid out the way I would want them to look in a finished garment and this is what I was aiming for....but we're only half way there, I need to rinse and dry it.

Back with collar up.
Collar turned down a bit.

Before drying I took it home and put it on Rinse & Spin in my front loader. It took out any residual dye and it's as small as it's ever going to be. It also came out a lovely dove grey!

Here is the finished piece which is more like a bolero jacket as there are only sleeve caps, this is after I had worn it to the symphony (KSO) the day after I made it. I wore it with a light, black long sleeved top and a long black skirt and boots. 

Silk Georgette felts in and puckers beautifully.

I'm still learning about dying and sizing but I hand stitched the shoulders together, I was going to try to felt them but I had enough to think about without worrying about  a resist element.  Anyway, it wasn't rubbish bin fodder so.... I loved it!


Mary Beth said...

Wow! This is going to be so gorgeous when you're done. Love the colors, too.

Sally said...

looks exciting Carolyn!!