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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Cardiknits Academy

Well, I'm back from my wonderful family vacation to Antigua. The first and only time we wil have this opportunity...10 1/2 of us went (my niece is pregnant).

This is a shot of me with this lovely young woman in the market in St John's where I bought a carved calabash bowl from her. Her husband does the carving and she crochets tops to them to make them in to bags. She uses hers to store things in her kitchen but grew up using them to eat from.

...and of course, so much colour inspiration. I love the bougainville in the tropics and just pick blossoms off the ground to tuck behind my ear.

Frangipani, hibiscus, and so many others, even the banana blossom which hangs down from the fruit as it grows in the lush areas.

Well, now I'm back into work mode and must hit the highway....again!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

'Dare To Wear Love' Fashion

I accompanied my friend Anne Woodall of Knit Traders wool shop to Toronto yesterday for a Pro Knitters meeting (great by the way...I'll post about that later) and while she lunched with her offspring I did my fave thing .... wander around downtown TO.

I went for dyes and silk and also to pick a little top for my upcoming vacation (we always try to go away after the Spring rest and regroup). I found myself in Chinatown on Centre St and fished my Textile Museum membership card out as I walked through the door. I knew I had only a little while until Anne was to pick me up and when asked my interest I said 'fashion' .... I was sent to the third floor and thought I had died and gone to heaven!!!

There is the Dare To Wear Love exhibition until May check it out. All Canadian designers using African fabrics to create beautiful designs. This video (and others on YouTube) is fun because it's not all skinny models but some of the designers,'ll recognize Jeannie Becker.


Monday, April 09, 2012

First Spring Show of 2012

Well, we're well into 2012 and so many celebrations happening this year. At our annual Portsmouth Village (which it was until it was incorporated into the City of Kingston in 1958) residents AGM we talked about how the neighbour hood needs to be spiffed up as we will have and influx of sailors this Summer. They will come from around the world for CORK in August(Canadian Olympic Regatta Kingston) to train for the Summer Olympics in London, England and the view from our front porch will be of masts, masts, masts!   Then there is the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812 along the our border with the US which will be celebrated, reenacted and feted this Summer. Whew!

Show Booth at Ottawa Originals Spring Craft Show
My own celebration is first - my thirtieth year of Carolyn M. Barnett Designs, and now of my move to into felting and falling in love with the fabric I can create and the new people I'm meeting and the new colleagues I'll glean. Here is a snap of my booth this past Easter Weekend in Ottawa with only four of my seven vest and two scarves left, then the red vest and the scarf went too! 

Coalman Vest

 I love this vest but there was not much interest in it.... it looks great on me as a casual topper over a shirt and jeans or long skirt. It dips in the back and the pockets in front hang down to balance that dip. I've embellished it with leather.

Harlequin Plain

The other new knit was the plain Harlequin. I had done a patterned one a year ago or so and thought I'd give this one a go...I had a lot of fun putting the colours together. This is what you do when time is too short (or you've used up your fibre budget on felting supplies and dye!) and you are faced with a wall of partial cones of fabulous wool that you can never do a complete garment from as you'll never get those dye lots again. I've done this a few times before and should keep doing this as they are so colourful and successful!

'Purple Rain'

This, I think is my fave....or one of my favourite vests...I've not done many yet, and I cut up my finger cutting out the little green triangles, but I love the colour my felt turned out with this dyeing...I must start writing down the formulae I use for each piece so I can at least try to get it again. This is such a pretty colour.

Sea Scape

Here are three others I did in the week or so before the show, I did one more flat vest  'Sea Scape' which went to a lovely slim lady (it came out smaller than I had thought it would as my throwing seemed to get better).


 This vest I started to lay out one afternoon, (I rolled it with the 'Sea Scape'...two at a time) then took a break to head out to Chapters for a coffee. I poured over some books in the craft section and something hit me and I came back to the studio and reworked the layout!

'Yellow Submarine'

This is the second time I've dyed with a colour labelled 'Chartreuse' but it comes out more yellow than I'd like...more experimenting. However I do like it and have worked some pieces of rayon fabric patches into it along with some colourful wool. I'm glad I threw in a bit of red to warm it up a bit .... but not enough.

Well, I'm off tomorrow to Toronto for the Downtown Knit Collective monthly meeting. I'm not sure what I'm doing but going as a knitting professional at the invitation of Anne Woodall of our local Wool Tyme Kingston, now known as KnitTraders. I'll enjoy the fact that someone else is driving (I'll take my socks to knit in the car) and I'll be able to pick up some more dyes and silk. Not dyed silk yet but .... when I get back from my post show break....look out!