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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Spring Studio Tours

 Well, another studio tour under my belt and it was difficult. I have long loved being in my tent on my friend Margot's front lawn, she has her little shop, the Summerhouse, in Rockport, Ontario...but this weekend was a scorcher.

With my collection
We know the garden centres were packed! Gardening seemed to be the order of the day and rightly so on such a wonderful weekend, but I slathered myself with sun screen and drove out from Kingston each of the three days (with my other half coming out two of the days to help me pack and tear down) so the mileage and gas get added onto my show expenses along with the initial fees, not to mention incidentals such as food!  It was not successful and I'm all geared up now to work hard this week on other projects and jobs that have been waiting for some time to show up!
Maybe I'll be at the coffee shop for a latte and some Etsy uploading... I did get a few sets of buttons and some pins made.

New jacket.
I need to get more felting done but the rolling takes it's toll on my shoulders and knees (yes I spell my arms off by rolling with my feet) as I do more and learn  more. I love my two new jackets (yes I've graduated to sleeves!!!)

I've some web work to get done mine and Sylvia Natlor's and Edgar Barnett's which I build and maintain...I love working on my computer too! One of the things I have to work out is HOW TO GET THESE ADS OFF MY BLOG!!!!! See below. They appeared and I have yet to learn how to eliminate it....bear with me! I'm doing some Google digging still.

I hit Toronto last week (more time, gas and food) to attend the Maker Shaker event for the Ontario Crafts Council...such fun, silent auction and connecting with other artist I hadn't seen in a while. I got to pick up some more dyes and silks (see some in this red jacket)....and visit my grandson.

Well, back to work...I have two shows to prepare for: 

Newburgh Ontario 
June 16th

Nathan Philips Square
July 6, 7 & 8

Friday, May 11, 2012

Creativity - John Clease

I found this posted on by one of my Facebook friends and found it fascinating. I've love John Cleese over the years in his many incarnations and this talk about Creativity is thought provoking and also cleared up a little about the way I think!


Monday, May 07, 2012

Kingston Art Tour weekend and News!

Studio on Tour Weekend.
That's another Kingston Art Tour weekend come and gone, lots of work - clearing out the studio of all my piles of paperwork, bills, bags of yarn and so on, tidying up and stashing boxes in the basement. Today I get to put all that stuff back!

I had some great people visit me and hang out in the studio, it was a lot of fun and business was done. I had four 'stations' open: a table with some felting layout happening, polymer clay work...(I got to make pins for two new vests and some buttons I needed).  I also had a knitting machine set up for demos and my garter carriage (behind the felting table in the picture above) set to knit a scarf.

Working on Cushion Covers. 
I set up some blue prefelt squares I had dyed, to embellish with some roving....just for fun but to show people how my vests start. It was fun getting input as to which colour to put where...still haven't finished but I'll work on those later today or tomorrow. I'll have to go out and find some backing fabric and coordinating zippers.

New Vest.
This is a quick pic of a new vest I made from some prefelt I dyed with lilac and olive. I thought it was kind of icky but when I embellished it I (and my visitors) it it took on a whole new life and I love it.

After the show I checked my email and found that I have been accepted back into the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition this year!!! I had applied with my felted work and was juried in. I'm really excited as this will be a big exposure of this work among other artists (painting, sculpting, photography). I loved this show for the 12 years I did it and having either missing the entry or being juried out I'm rather pleased with myself.

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Cardiknits Academy Weekend

Sarah, Sonja and me.

It's over! I'm saying that in the 'Thank Heaven for that - it went well...I thought!' Whew! Anyone who has taught will know of the prep,  research in what you don't already know, boning up on what you do.

 I was asked by Pat and Eileen to return as one of the two demonstrators/instructors that Cardiknits Academy invites each year in April and I was thrilled and honoured.....then the work begins. I was to teach beginner/intermediate work and work in conjunction with Sarah Etchison from Washington state who would be teaching all sorts of machine knitting techniques I don't use in my work therefore don't know how to do. It was a good balance.

First there were eight classes to plan, then the class notes which would go into the accompanying handbook which were given to everyone who registered. Then, of course, is packing the car!!! I think I started packing (lists and in my head) weeks ahead, then collected piles and containers around my studio into which I'd toss books, manuals, tools, yarn and all manner of other things I might need.

Mesh Pressing Cloth

One of the things I threw in ..... with my iron and ironing board .... was my wonderful mesh pressing cloth. We ended up having quite a discussion about this item and how to get it. I had posted about it previously - looking for more after I found this at a yard sale (new!). Eventually, through Pat at Cardiknits and a MK Club member, that Added Touch in Oakville had them. I purchased a few and assumed they would restock and so promoted them. Apparently they never got any more in!  Keep trying, girls, they are out there and they are marvelous.  Also, I have four or five at my studio if anyone wants one.


This is just a fun shot of all the bits and pieces I knit over the the weekend: buttonholes, increasing, decreasing, button bands, yarn changer and something new to me (in the lower right of the photograph) weaving with the garter bar. One of you demonstrated this technique (and made this little sample) and another of you sent me a link to a YouTube video....give it a look.

Well, I think I've recovered now and am preparing for our Kingston Studio Tour this coming weekend, I've been dying a couple more pieces of prefelt and have a new stash of Merino roving so I hope to have a whatever felted pieces I can make before Friday!......and their buttons/pins.

At least I've tidied up my studio....and found the floor, which I promptly Hoovered!!!! I've planted pansies in my window boxes and hung a flowering basket on my front porch (which I've taken in at night as it so darned cold!), as they say, bring it!