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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Another Felted Vest Workshop!

A couple of Saturday mornings ago I headed down to NY state to the delightful town of Clayton, NY to the Thousand Islands Arts Center to hold another workshop. Once again I had four ladies in the class  in the upstairs class room. They were waiting patiently as I had been delayed at the border for 30 minutes! But they were raring to go.

Choosing dyed prefelt.

First there was choosing a colour out of the five pieces I had dyed for the class.

Then I got everyone can see the concentration, here they are starting to wet their work.

My students popped into the washroom next door to see their creations after we had cut armholes.

Donna in her Ocean blue!

Fab fronts.

Boffo backs!

In the last two pics thank heaven it was a hot day as the vests are damp and dripping!

The thing I love about Clayton is my students come from the surrounding islands and Northern New York state where they are vacationing or spending the Summer at their cottages. One came by boat!

Note to self.... must do more of that aqua!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Felted Vest Workshop

Last Wednesday I packed up the car with pool noodles, my box of felting stuff ( roving of a miriad colours, fancy yarns, scissors, coloured felt bits, etc) and some old towels and a mop and headed out the  Odessa Fairgrounds.....for our Felted Vest Workshop.

The Room
I had dyed four pieces of prefelt different colours, Michele was the only one who
I had Bea, who brought Donna & Kim, and Michele who I already know is an artistic soul.  Here they are at their respective tables getting started.

I had taken my 'stash' and spread an assortment out on the centre table for the participants to pick from.

This is Bea's start, her colour was a reddish.

And Donna got a sort of magenta least that was what I was going for when I dyed it.

Kim got an interesting aqua which inspired a sort of under sea motif. The balls of wool are to mark where the armholes will be (sorta). I think they look like eyes...or boobs! (except that's the back!)

Then there's Michele's who had asked for grey and dove into pinks and greys to decorate her piece.

Bea just couldn't be stopped!!!! She just kept cutting, placing, playing, piecing, layering, more and more bits.....her European background is coming out.

This is Michele's finished piece...after lots of working, wetting, felting, fulling.....

I'm cutting armholes on Kim's.
Kim, Donna, Michele & Bea.

Michele took hers home and tweaked it with some great beads on her sari silk strands.