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Friday, November 30, 2012

Sweater Constructing - Finishing

It must seem as if I took a long time to finish this jacket but it's done and long gone to it's new owner .... and wouldn't you know it I didn't take a photo of the finished product. The same style in a different colour is shown in the fourth image.

After the jacket is assembled I use test swatches and patches from other yarns and experiments to make the 'patches'. I have soooo many I decided to implement them in this design which was partly inspired by the costume of Fagin in 'Oliver'.

The patches are just cut and stitched with double strands of contrasting coloured yarn.
Here I have them pinned onto the jacket on the form so I can plan what goes where. This part is fun. I have knit large patches in both stocking stitch and lace for 'godets' in the hem slits.

Here you can see how I've stitched the patches and also added a bead here and there.

Then there are the buttons to make in different colours. I make three as one goes on the back neck detail to accent the patches there.

Here is the finished's on the 'Jackets' page of my web site.

Well, I've been busy making pins and buttons which I do when I make buttons for an order or a stock item. I've been loading them up on my Etsy shop....check them out for Christmas prezzies for your sewer friends or to give someone for their shawls, knit scarves or wraps!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Construct - Deconstruct!

                                                                                               Just a couple of thoughts about the process of making one of my jackets. This is a custom order for a client and, of course, I want it to fit. I worked the back (it will have a godet in the back slit) and then the left front. Working the left front next means I can measure and size and if it's not right and I have to pull out the knitting I haven't wasted time on buttonholes. I've pinned the pieces on my form so see how it hangs and's easy to take measurements when it is pinned out on the form.

 Here is how I pull out my knitting and rewind the yarn. I always use natural fibres so they can be ironed (cotton) and pressed with no ill effects. In fact I learned many years ago, from a rep from the Wool Council,  to 'kill' wool knitting with my steam iron. It sets the knit structure and helps it keep it's shape over time.
Here I'm unraveling the left front, running it under my iron (set on med/wool) with lots of steam, letting it cool and puddle on the floor then rewinding it ready to reknit!

I've gone back to my Garment Designer pattern which I created for this client and mad the back to reknitting!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

New Buttons...

Well, it's been a busy few weeks since I returned from PEI. There was a workshop at Frontenac Secondary School that was very interesting as I have not worked solely with teenagers before and it was a unique experience! From deciphering teen talk & slang to figuring out what each individual was really interested in. This was part of a fashion course in their life skills classes, run by Mrs. L Becker.

Funky three dimensional work.

I felted a couple of items for the small 1000 Islands gallery show but haven't listed them on my web site yet...they are not in any gallery but at my studio. I love this jacket as it has a newer collar for me. As I had already decorated the collar with silk I didn't want to cut it so the jacket has a deep V. Next time I'll try one not so deep, but the V is such a flattering neckline I need to do more.

I also made a scarf with hole in it and as it is made in three sections I added colour by joining the sections with coloured pieces. I love it, hope to do more and load them up onto my Etsy page.

Two weekends ago I did my workshop in Ottawa at Darrell Thomas Textiles on Preston. We had 9 participants including two young teen sisters who were hugely creative!!!
Here are a couple of shots of the work from that day. 

One participant brought a shawl in progress to match up some buttons. She learned the process of mixing colours to get just the right shade and that that part often takes longer than cutting, shaping and designing the actual button...

Watching over creation.

Making buttons for the long list of custom orders I am endeavouring to wade through (first inventorying and ordering yarn which is tricky when you are working with so many colours from different suppliers), I take a break from the order buttons to make a few from colours I am playing with and get creative with now rules (matching to yarn) to adhere to! I've listed a bunch on my Etsy shop so if you are looking for some buttons, check it out to see if there is anything you might fit the bill.

I went a bit nuts with black and white and some colourful cane I had made so there are lots of sets of 'Mod' style buttons!

Now I'm busy with the myriad Fall activities that lead up to the Christmas hols, our Artists Round Table monthly meetings do discuss the business of being a working artist/artisan. Then there is the Kingston Arts Council, (I'm on the board of directors) which is celebrating their 50th anniversary (great party last night at the Grand Theatre..also celebrating it's 50 anniversary of being saved from becoming a parking lot!). Then there is the One Of a Kind that I will head to Toronto to check out and touch base with friends & colleagues. I just got a notice that my friend Susan Watson Ellis has revamped her web site and now has it as an online shop. Then there are my friends Catherine & Dennis and there wonderfully colourful shoes.

I didn't do the Spring show but am looking forward to having lots of new stock for Spring 2013.

   Now back to the studio!!!!!

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Weekend Show & Sale

Last weekend I got together with a small and select group of artists and artisans out along the 1000 Islands Parkway. I shot this clip as we had just finished setting up our work.

We had a whiz bang wine and cheese on Saturday afternoon and, despite the dreary weather, we had a good turn out and it was a good gathering.

More photos here....