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Friday, November 30, 2012

Sweater Constructing - Finishing

It must seem as if I took a long time to finish this jacket but it's done and long gone to it's new owner .... and wouldn't you know it I didn't take a photo of the finished product. The same style in a different colour is shown in the fourth image.

After the jacket is assembled I use test swatches and patches from other yarns and experiments to make the 'patches'. I have soooo many I decided to implement them in this design which was partly inspired by the costume of Fagin in 'Oliver'.

The patches are just cut and stitched with double strands of contrasting coloured yarn.
Here I have them pinned onto the jacket on the form so I can plan what goes where. This part is fun. I have knit large patches in both stocking stitch and lace for 'godets' in the hem slits.

Here you can see how I've stitched the patches and also added a bead here and there.

Then there are the buttons to make in different colours. I make three as one goes on the back neck detail to accent the patches there.

Here is the finished's on the 'Jackets' page of my web site.

Well, I've been busy making pins and buttons which I do when I make buttons for an order or a stock item. I've been loading them up on my Etsy shop....check them out for Christmas prezzies for your sewer friends or to give someone for their shawls, knit scarves or wraps!

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