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Friday, January 25, 2013

A Day In The Life....

Ten thirty am and not dressed (again!), answering  email, uploading photos of the hat making I did the other day, resizing photos for a web site I build, now I have to place them and upload.

Laying out my hat.

A studio tour application to drop off (when I get the accompanying photos edited and blurb written); input the rest of my knitting pattern I'm writing, redo the sleeves and rewrite again; custom order to finish (client came for a fitting yesterday - lovely but skirt needs to be longer).

Cutting open at the brim.
After the knitting I plan to make a jacket this weekend (and maybe a hat?) to photograph for another show application (finally made one for me that I love). All these things need buttons and pins made for them! Also, I'm speaker in Westport next month ..... should I drive there tomorrow morning to see what the group is like? Realize I have two workshops and a party to host on the 23rd. Then more workshops to organize. Nothing gets done if I don't advertise (more time on the computer to get results).

Sonja and me in our hats.

Dropped of an item for a Winter show at the Thousand Islands Arts Center in Clayton yesterday but had to use my husband's car as mine wouldn't start! Calling the Roadside Assist (they were great!) and had my car idle in the driveway for about 45 minute before taking it to the dealership as  the hood wouldn't close!! (cable frozen).

My first hat.

Woo woo, it's not noon yet so I can probably get my workout in and be dressed by then. Dad just called to work on the Kingston Chamber Ensemble program but that can wait 'til tomorrow.

Now to upload those photos!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Useful Cleaning Tip

I have used Eucalan for years to wash sweaters, both hand knits and machine knits. I've even used it to rescue one that had been dry cleaned almost to extinction. This tip is new to me, though the literature I got when I first started using it said you could clean almost anything delicate. I must get some of the wipes to hand out to my clients.

The secret is that there is no detergent!  Check out the Eucalan site.

I lovely woman from Oz once told me you can get it on the grocery store shelves in Australia & NZ but here you get it at good yarn shops.

Monday, January 21, 2013

A Shiny New Year

Happy New Year everyone. We had a white Christmas and lots of snow shovelling, good exercise and lovely weather to be out and see neighbours after the holidays.....also time to keep knitting and create warm things to bolster us in the Canadian Winter. Here's a shot out of my dining room window of our street in a storm and I think that's my neighbour Susan shovelling her front walk.

So, speaking of knitting I've been wearing this beautiful scarf nearly every day, even indoors as it's light and not too long. I got the yarn at Sheep Thrills just over a year ago when I was down in Syracuse NY for a workshop weekend. I had a blast and love the yarn shop...I must return soon (if I can make it through the Lake Effect blizzards that happen between Watertown & Syracuse!!!).I purchased the yarn, one skein of soft rainbow dyed Merino, and got the pattern from Beth. Do visit and meet Brenda (head to the site and see Brenda...I love her).

For Christmas gifts I made everyone a pen/stylus, finding the hardware from a Canadian company (quick delivery and no duty). Here they are....I didn't make one for myself but I got one from my great friend Georgia who made some for her gallery Artemisia in Westport ON. I used my polymer claying skills to make them. It was hard to decide which was going to which family member. Now they can write on paper and on their tablets or iPhones.
...and hopefully, think of me?!

Here is a shot take on my phone of a jacket I've been working on....not just the design but the pattern. When I get it finalized I will put it up on my web site and on my Etsy shop for sale.  LOTS of work!!!  I have been using Garment Designer from Cochenille and then translate the numbers into instructions...I've only done medium so far and it turned out more of a 10 than a 12....maybe I used a slightly smaller stitch size on my machine...oh well, back to the drawing board! The collar is too big and the sleeves too small.

I've also been doing a lot of hand knitting...yes, my socks, which I have up on Etsy but they don't stay there long...I'm about to ship a third pair to Sweden! But also I've been knitting something I haven't done in a while, celtic cables and a lot of knit purl. In payment for a large amount of yarn from a friend I am knitting a sweater for her. Her hands aren't what they used to be and it is difficult  for her. I'm doing it through Downton Abbey, and the Inauguration today.

The yarn is Canaan mohair  and lovely to knit with. It's designed by Marlena de Leskie back in 98/99. I might have a hard time handing it over when it's done. I'll have to make or find some lovely buttons for this, or maybe my friend has some.

I'm having some workshops this Winter: Check out my web site

A day of 
Polymer Claying and Button Making 
in my Kingston studio February 9th 10 - 4pm.

'Tweak Your Knits' 
at Knit Traders here in Kingston. What to do if they garment you have spent all that time working on is not quite right. (fit, dropped stitch, sleeves to short...etc). Click here for classes.

Machine Knitting Weekend 
also at my Kingston studio March 8 - 9.

Then I'm guest demonstrator at 
Spring Fling in Peru, Indiana April 12th & 13th. I'm in great company with Carol Scott, 
Teena Crawshaw, Sandee Cherry & Susan Guagliumi.

Well, I have a jacket to be worked on and felted up in my studio so I will head up and turn on the TV so I can watch the inaugural parade.