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Monday, March 18, 2013

One Week Away: OOAK

Well, just one short week to go and I'll be on the road to Toronto for the Spring 2013 One of a Kind Show. It feels kind of fresh for me as I didn't do it last year so have had a break. I think I went down at Christmastime to look but it's been good to take a break.

I'm getting ready what I can, my work is really one of a kind as I don't do production, don't have sewers (or knitters really) and it takes me a minimum of two days to complete a garment.

This blue one is lovely but I'm showing it as a sample because I'm writing a pattern for it and want it to teach from.

Here is a shot of a bunch of felted work hanging in my studio, jackets, vests & scarves. I did  a jacket and a vest last week over two days and made them larger in size...but I can tweak them to fit with sewing.

I'm going to put a small one in the fashion show along with a knit jacket....I just haven't decided which yet....maybe it'll be something I manage to make this week!

This is a detail of the pink vest. I loved the colour the dye came out but next time I want to do it deeper. Note to self: buy some more dyes from Cushing. I have lots from G&S but I want some brighter colours than I have already.

I will have to remember to shut down my Etsy shop as I will be taking all the merchandise to the OOAK.

Here is my listing but I had better put up more photos! I took down the ones that were already there....two years old!!

I'm in Booth I - 11

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