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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Summer '14 Exhibition

As a wearable art textile artist I rarely exhibit in 'art' shows that feature wall art (paintings, hangings etc) but I made an exception with this show....I took in my 'Village in Spring' felted jacket to be hung on the wall in the Summer Exhibition at the Window Art Gallery here in Kingston.

The Window Art Gallery is attached to the Kingston School of art and is a bright space which has hosted a myriad of wonderful art exhibits. This one will be fun because the call out was to all artists in Kingston or owners of art, not necessarily the artist. 

I took in my jacket after putting the buttons on it. I usually wait to fit the purchaser before I put them on but I wanted it to be complete....I love this jacket....maybe because it looks so good on me?!

Now I need to check my stock for my
Polymer Clay Workshop
here at my studio tomorrow

July 17th 10 - 4.

I still have room for one or two more.....
613-545-5986 or

So do pop down to the gallery for a peruse of fine local art.

July 16th - August 28th
647 Princess Street at Victoria, Kingston ON.

Call for hours but usually Wed - Sun 12 - 4pm

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Help!....I Have Help!

For you machine knitters doesn't this look like a fun machine....I haven't investigated but it looks like you set it up and let 'er rip! That's what the uninitiated have been saying I do for years....we know it's not so by any stretch of the imagination.

Anyway, I don't have a whiz bang machine..except for my Garter Carriage...and even then I seem to be doing short rows and shaping which means I have to sit in front of it while it knits a few stitches.....I have a STUDENT!

Years ago I had a young women from high school who used to come for about three hours a week and knit sleeves for me. This Summer I have Ella, a high school student doing a placement who requested me. My studio didn't scare her off as she had already visited a couple of years ago on a studio tour.

At 17 she is an accomplished hand knitter and I will make a machine knitter of her before too long. 

Her teacher says she is to do anything that is involved in running this business: inputting receipts for bookkeeping, setting up for a show (I have the Sheepdog Trials coming up), knitting, felting, photographing work, learning to make and design buttons, helping at workshops....the list is endless.

(Of course this means I'll have to tape General Hospital and watch it at night instead of as I knit!)

       .....I'm so excited.

Saturday, July 05, 2014

Getting Personal - Work Related Health Issues.

There are many health concerns that go along with doing what we artists and artisans do on a daily basis. We have to contend with repetitive stress on various joints in our hands, elbows and arms, maybe even legs (I do alternately roll my felting with my feet).

Anyone who sits for hours at a computer designing illustrations, photoshopping photographs and so on has their back to think of and the fact that they are not doing the standing that we are told is better for us.

Having sewed, knit and now felted for most of my life and for over three decades for a living I've had my share of aches and pains. I suffered for more than a year with De Quervain syndrome in  both wrists. That was from using a Dekker comb for moving stitches on my knitting machine while using cotton....which is not forgiving! The cure was to immobilize my thumbs...yeah, right! It eventually sorted itself out, with the use of hot paraffin wax treatments and wrist braces. One of my customers gave me this test in my show booth at the One of a Kind show....just to check....Pain YES!

I just pulled a muscle in my back last week shifting my heavy outdoor mirror in my car in readiness for Artfest here in Kingston. I felt a bit of a strain and spent the rest of the day not bending in the middle! Fortunately a visit to emerge (it was a Friday and my doc couldn't see me) told me it was muscular and no injury to my spine...whew!

All I could think of was my sister who, years ago, riding the bumper cars on Toronto Islands, was bumped into as she sat partly twisted with her arm around one of her girls......she spent weeks on living on the living room floor crawling on her hands and knees to the bathroom. She had injured a disc....which she still has to take care of.

Fortunately, I believe, my practice (not often enough) of Pilates helped in that my mid section was already strong....I felt better over the weekend. I was told three weeks and after a week....much better.
Trust me, this feels good!

I've spent 32 years lugging heavy stuff and I won't stop. Weight bearing exercises helps keep my old bones strong, especially as treatment for breast cancer has reduced my numbers slightly on my bone density test. I've lugged my boxes, show booth display and glass and rocks (when I used to work for two different glass artists over the years).

                                                                                                  Now the getting personal part....for which I'm working on an Indigogo project to get myself a felt rolling machine ($4000)....when I work on my wet felting I spend most of the day standing. When I'm laying out my design, felting and fulling at my work table, which is raised up to just above my waist height, I'm on my feet....and I found I got....hemorrhoids!  Also my feet get really tired too.                Yup, sorry, fact of my life...but when I stop and go back to knitting (sitting at my knitting machine most of the time) and up and down to the ironing board they go away!                        This image is from a 'Wired' post.

I know they say it's good to stand to work as this image and article shows....but I think there can be too much and also I'm not 30 any more!