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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Cochenille Design Studio Update.

It's that time of review your life, what you are doing and how you are doing it. I've been updating some web sites that I've built (check out the list at my other business site) and some still need a lot of updating....including mine!

Anyway - Wow! I got an email this morning about Cochenille's design bundles. I've been using Garment Designer for years and though Susan Lazear has been sooo active in workshops, teaching, travelling and updating I've long thought the site needed ... um.. 'freshened' up.

Well, it has and I love it! It keeps up with her blog which is so fun to read and inspirational.

If you are interested or just curious...check out this page where there is a video overview of Garment's such fun to work with and it helps me get the fit I need for myself and my clients.


This Winter is a bit less stressful as I'm not heading to the One Of A Kind anymore and digging down the back of the couch cushions for those last few pennies for the hefty booth fee! So now I have more time and energy for is the link to my web site and to the email I sent case yo aren't on my list....

I'm also up for travelling in case I need to come to you in case your group is in another town.

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