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Thursday, April 06, 2017

Dyeing Differently - Part 2

My recent trip to San Francisco and stay with Nancy Roberts  netted me a lesson in painting knitted pieces and then two pieces for me to knit up into socks.

I love the idea of knitting up pieces and dyeing as opposed to dyeing skeins...more controlled and creative I think.

Here, Nancy is checking my red/gold piece, the other was lime green/blue.

Here are my two finished swatches drying after the colours are set. I didn't know what I was going to do with them until to integrate the colours. It took a cup of tea and going looking at Nancy's stash of swatches to give me an idea...I thought stripes would be the best way to see the colour changes.

I decided that two row stripes would be the best way to I started at the top of the blanks which were red on one and lime green on the other.

I ended on the ends that were blue and gold.

As I thought I would not have enough to finish the socks so I inserted grey sock yarn for the heels....turns out I did have enough, but I can use some of the left overs in other socks.

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